Big Merv finally catches it!

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  • Updated: Mar 05, 2013 00:22 IST

As Australia skipper, Allan Border was Mr Grumpy personified. The cares of leading a side in transition must have weighed on him.

But when he led the Aussies to the 1987 World Cup win, that gaunt look became a virtual style statement. These days, as a TV commentator, AB exudes a lot of warmth and often flashes that Tommy Lee Jones grin.

When former Aussie pacer and irrepressible character, Merv Hughes, caught a straight six hit by David Warner into the Hyderabad stands on Monday, AB could not hold himself back.

“That must be the first catch he has ever taken,” he began about his ex-teammate, as the camera zoomed in on Hughes doing a high-five with the man next to him. “That’s the fastest growing business in Victoria,” he added, referring to a beer company’s light green t-shirt Hughes was wearing.

“If that was white, he could be the sight-screen,” Border went on, about the man distinct for his girth and handlebar moustache. Big Merv definitely wouldn’t have minded a prize for that catch.


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