Cheeky Aussie spectator fools Kevin Pietersen with super prank at Gabba

The Ashes have started and the Aussies are on top, but the moment of the day from Day 2 of the Gabba Test was probably off the pitch. It was beautifully scripted by an Aussie spectator.

Patrolling the boundary, Kevin Pietersen was getting some serious lip from the Aussie fans. He seemed to be enjoying it, blowing kisses at the crowd, much in line with his reputation as one of those mentally strong ones who feed off negative comments and spectator sledges.

But he did not see the magical prank coming, especially when it was cloaked in a brilliant approach for an autograph.

The cheeky Aussie fan, with his boozy beverage placed on the boundary wall, extended his mini-bat for an autograph. Pietersen decided to oblige. He walked up to the gent, who suddenly pulled a fast one on him.

The spectator pulled back the mini-bat, picked up his glass and stepped back. The message was clear: no way mate.

KP got it even as the Aussie fans roared their approval.

VIDEO: Kevin Pietersen tricked by an Aussie fan at the Ashes 



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