To fix betting menace: More rules, preventive measures

Yet another set of rules to keep a tab on players and curb spot-fixing!

Thrown out of gear and in the spotlight after the spot-fixing scandal in the IPL, the T20 teams competing in this year’s Champions League have got a rule-sheet that makes their place of stay feel almost like a fortress and their movement and chats severely restricted.

Log book

The entire squad will be stationed on the same floor with no one else there, the floor will have a reception where a log book will be kept for visitors, who anyway have to go through the manager first.

Calls from the main reception will have to go to the players via the manager and there’ll be another special manager to oversee it.

But other rules on the list, including no private or sponsors’ parties and no visits outside without the manager’s permission, were there before too and widely publicised during the IPL. The results and the subsequent scandals, however, proved them almost worthless.

Beyond control

To recall Anti-Corruption Unit chief Ravi Sawani’s phrase from a few days back, it seems to be a part ‘preventive vigilance’ again. “The Anti-Corruption Unit does preventive vigilance,” he had said. Beyond that, it is out of control.

The most interesting thing in this set of rules is the importance and responsibility attached to the manager who has to give the final go-ahead in many cases.

In the case of any problem, it will be the manager who will face the music and get pushed into a spot.

A few days ago, at an Anti-Corruption Unit workshop for players in Delhi, the officer addressing the class had also insisted on the same thing — like handing the manager the mobiles or tablets before going into the dressing room.

New challenge

But as a former state player, who was watching Friday’s practice from the sidelines, said, “It’ll all depend on how much control the manager has on the players, some of who are of stature, and he’ll have to be extremely careful because the axe can also fall on him.”

No wonder, the managers have been extra careful in letting the players out of the hotel promises and interact with people around them, espcially outside the hotel. Will these changes work?


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