Blood-stained slab could hold key

A stone slab covered in Anmol Sarna's blood and found in the flat where the 21-year-old was partying could help demystify his death, investigators said.

"According to his friends, Sarna was allegedly high on 'acid' -- which could either be a reference to LSD or eraser fluid. This can be verified only after his post-mortem. He lost his bearings because of having consumed a voluminous quantity of alcohol as well," said an officer.

"In his stupor, according to his friends, he became violent, lost control and started banging his forehead on a stone slab in the balcony when his friends tried to restrain him. A forensic investigation is underway to ascertain the veracity of this claim," the officer added.

This, the police said they were told by Sarna's friends, occurred between 11.45pm and midnight and led them to call his father over the phone around 12.05am.

The phone call was followed by another one with one of his friends telling Sarna's father Anil that he had fallen sick and had been taken to the AIIMS.

"His friends called me to meet them there but instead of waiting, they just left him there to die. My son was killed," he said.


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