Delhi sees 50% jump in dengue cases

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Jul 29, 2013 03:00 IST
The rains have arrived in the city. Potholes on streets have resurfaced and so have a host of infection-causing viruses and bacteria.

The climate at present, with high levels of humidity and fluctuating temperatures, experts said, was conducive for the breeding of disease-causing mosquitoes and growth of various harmful viruses and bacteria. In the past one month, the city has seen a jump of more than 50% in the number of dengue cases.

The total number of cases reported by the health department of the unified Municipal Corporations so far this year is 14. However, there are no reports of any deaths from viral infections that have been reported from the city so far.

According to health experts, the best way to prevent the spread of the disease is to not let water collect in and around one's house and to protect yourself from mosquito bites by using good quality mosquito repellents and wearing full-sleeved clothes.

The disease usually peaks around August and starts dying out with the onset of winters.

High humidity and temperature variations also mean more people contracting viral influenza and conjunctivitis. Every second person is down with viral-like symptoms, which usually last for a week. The number of people visiting hospitals and clinics with symptoms of cold, cough, fever and body ache etc has seen a jump in the last few days.

"I am seeing at least 15-20 more patients, mostly children, in my outpatient department these days who show symptoms of fever, cold and cough. This is the ideal weather for virus and bacterial growth. We need to be on our guard and take preventive measures," said Dr Nitin Verma, senior consultant, department of paediatrics, Max Healthcare.

Viral infections are self-limiting, and a patient usually takes around a week to 10 days to recover completely from it. Doctors, however, warn against random and self medication and usually prescribe symptomatic treatment only.

"Not everyone requires medicines. Proper rest and a lot of fluid intake provides relief. If there is high fever, one can take paracetamol tablets. But not more than four tablets in 24 hours," added Dr Verma.


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