Safdarjung Hospital accounts for 7% of all births in Delhi, say doctors

  • Sidhartha Dutta, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Aug 22, 2013 19:10 IST
The Capital's Safdarjung Hospital witnesses 70 baby births every day - by far the highest among all hospitals in Delhi and NCR region.

The figure, when compared to the entire city which registers around 1,000 births daily, accounts for 7% of all births in Delhi.

"About 2,000 deliveries take place every month at the hospital, with almost 25,000 babies born annually," confirmed Dr Aruna Batra, head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Safdarjung Hospital.

The health hub, which has 293 beds (227 in six obstetric wards and two in gynecology), has its doctors on their toes almost 24x7.

On an average, 400 gynecology and 2,240 obstetric patients are admitted each month, which drives the bed occupancy to over 120% in the obstetrics wards and 99.8% in the gynecology wards.

The whopping numbers add to the chaos at the hospital, with concerned family members of patients often forced to wait in wards or corridors.

"Around 10-15 major surgeries and a similar number of minor surgeries take place in the department every day," Dr Batra added.

The daily OPD attendance at the hospital includes 300-350 pregnant women, 140-150 women suffering from gynecological problems and around 100 for sterilization and family-planning services.

Since Safdarjung is a referral hospital, many cases are complicated ones. For example, Meena Devi from Buxar in Bihar was admitted to the hospital with a bad case of chicken pox and is being kept in isolation as the disease is highly contagious.

"It felt really nice to hold my first baby but because of the disease I cannot stay close to her. I just hope that I recover soon and can be by my baby's side," said the new mother.


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