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‘Dilliwallah hoon, Dil se sochta hoon’

Delhi is home — not just for me but for the dreams and aspirations of millions of Dilliwallahs, says pop singer Palash Sen. Special: I Love Delhi

delhi Updated: Dec 26, 2007 16:25 IST
Palash Sen

Words from a song called Dilli, which I wrote in 1998 for our first album,

DHOOM. Dilli

to me is my home, my address, my identity...

Dilliwallah hoon, Dil se sochta hoon

. Delhi is home — not just for me but for the dreams and aspirations of millions of



There is no other city in the world that is home to such great historical elegance even while it is always opening new horizons of modernity. Since time immemorial, it has been home to emperors — not just rulers of land and trade but rulers of hearts.

What characterises it most is its openness: it welcomes into its fold people from different states, religions, beliefs, even nationalities with open arms; it welcomes change with open arms; it conquers its conquerors and surrenders to those who surrender to it. For me, Delhi has been my karmabhoomi. My entire education has been in Delhi and it has continued beyond my school, St. Columbas and college, UCMS (with a year at Hansraj) to all the beautiful and challenging experiences that have continued to educate me here.

Mera pataa...

My address, not just for me but for the journey called EUPHORIA.

The love that Delhi has showered upon us as we have Dhoomed and Phir Dhoomed our way through its Gullys is what makes us feel Mehfuz. We have been fortunate enough to have travelled the world, and played at the U.N. General Assembly and atop the Great Wall of China, but Delhi is where we love coming back to. There have been offers and temptations to move to Bollywood but any place other than Delhi can only be for work.

In fact, Gulzar saab once said to me that you are truly successful because you can work in Mumbai but live in Delhi! While I love Delhi, true love does not ignore faults, even as it strives to improve upon them. While I love the wide roads of Delhi, I wish we were a little less violent and less chaotic when we drive on them; while I love the fact that the corridors of power are based in Delhi, I wish the people roaming those would always keep the best interests of the city and the nation in mind and make it progress because of them, and not in spite of them; and while I love the fact that we are fast creating a self-reliant and fiercely independent generation, I wish that we would not lose sight of the lakhs who still struggle for two square meals a day. All we need is love.

All we need is love for each other. I am unabashedly a huge fan of Aunt Sheila, our CM. Aunt, because that’s the way she is — caring, charming and so warm. Dilli is known for its beautiful women, but Aunt Sheila tops my list. Let’s just help her take this city beyond the shackles of selfishness and negativity.

This is the city of music. Dilli has Daler, Indian Ocean, Shibani, Silk Route, Parikrama. We have given Mumbai Sonu, Shubhaji, KK, Kailash and so many more. No other city has so many young awesome bands. Bands like Them Clones, Bandish, Advaita, Superfuzz and countless more make me so proud. Everyone says that Dilli only listens to bhangra.

Well, check the list and you’ll know this city listens to everyone. Just play your song... We are udoubtedly the fashion capital. Rohit, Shantanu and Nikhil, Ritu, Ranna, Rajesh Pratap. And the beautiful models... Indrani, Neha, Udita... Uff, the list is never ending.

Waise Dilli ki har ladki looks like a model. In spite of all the challenges and the threats, the spirit of Delhi is unwavering and this is because there is a little bit of Dilli in everyone’s Dil. Let me sign off with a request. Let’s get rid of the pseudo DELHIite and just be the emotional, happy, loving, caring, simple


. Sing with me...

Dilli hai meri jaan... Dilli hai meri jaan.