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Readers' Feedback

Like on all such train systems in the world, keeping to one’s left should be the cardinal principle at all times on the Metro. This way, one can avoid pushing and shoving fellow commuters while boarding or de-boarding the train, and also on common staircases.

delhi Updated: Dec 11, 2009 02:04 IST

Like on all such train systems in the world, keeping to one’s left should be the cardinal principle at all times on the Metro. This way, one can avoid pushing and shoving fellow commuters while boarding or de-boarding the train, and also on common staircases.

Sameer Paul Anand (49),

There should an attendant in each compartment to ensure commuters have a comfortable journey. Instead of mere announcements on the train, these officials can help ensure that senior citizens and ladies sit on seats meant for them and commuters don’t indulge in indiscipline like disturbing fellow passengers by playing loud music or eating on the train.

Sidhant Mandley (22),

There should be a ladies compartment on the metro trains just like on the Bombay local. Not only will this address ladies’ safety concerns, but also ensure that female passengers have a comfortable journey at all times of the day.

Fatima Chaudhary (46),

With the metro now connecting Delhi with the NCR, the one thing that the DMRC should concentrate on is running faster trains on these routes. Not only should it ensure that the stoppage time is less, but also that these trains stop at select stations to enable swift movement on longer routes.

Avneet Kaur (26),
Hospitality Professional

I would like to bring to your notice a problem related to the centralised air-conditioning system. My father travelled for a couple of months by Delhi Metro and he has picked up a viral infection. He had to eventually stop travelling by the Metro because of this. It is not only him who faced this problem but I interacted with some frequent travelers in my colony and almost all of them have faced this kind of situation. Delhi Metro should have some system that cleanses the bacteria from the air and makes it 99 per cent infection free.


The ideal linkage is Dwarka Sector 9-Rajiv Chowk and Rajiv Chowk-Noida City Centre. The fare slab of Rs.8-Rs. 30 can be replaced with Re. 1 per kilometre. And once the bus services are integrated with the Metro, both in terms of terminal points and fare structure, the same card can be used to evely spread the commuting density between buses and the Metro.

DR Gulati,
Associate Professor

Why doesn’t metro have a suggestion email address on which passengers can send their suggestions and complaints?

Rohit Bijlani

The main cause of delays on Line 3 is the time spent in boarding and alighting. DMRC deploys guards at Rajiv Chowck in the evening for Dwarka-bound trains, but there are no guards for the Noida platform. In the mornings, guards at both sides are missing. Also they should start the first train on the line from Dwarka Sec-9, second train from Janakpuri West and the third train from Kirti Nagar. The fourth train can again start from Dwarka Sec-9. This will equally divide passenger load. I would also like to draw the attention of authorities to the design of Bombardier trains. A large number of passengers have to stand inside the trains. The Bombardier trains have less overhead bars and vertical poles for grip in comparison to the Rotem trains that were acquired earlier.

Anil Sindhwani
A daily commuter on Line 3

Why is the government not promoting share auto-rickshaws as feeders for short distances. Besides being cheap and small in size, they provide commuters an alternative to feeder buses and rickshaws. This will allow commuters to share cost of the autos and also provide connectivity to interiors of a colony.

Abhinav Kumar
Maulana Azad Medical College

I am a resident of Golden Park, Shivpuri, Delhi-51. Metro feeder bus ML-46 (Yamuna Bank-Jheel) plys through the area. The Metro claims there are buses every 20 minutes, but people wait for half an hour or more for a feeder bus. I lodged a complaint five months ago and received a call from the Metro saying efforts were on to improve the services. The situation is still the same. At the Metro station, conductors make passengers wait in queues without caring for old people, women and children. A DMRC officer can be deputed to supervise the feeder bus service in the larger interest of the daily commuters.

R D Gupta,
Golden Park, Shiv Puri

There is no doubt that it is possibly the best mode of transport available in the city today, but we are so enamoured by it that we put it on a pedestal and choose to remain oblivious to the problems. Resolving these problems would go a long way in making Delhi Metro a truly world-class service. The Delhi Metro's official website lacks maintenance. This needs attention as commuters, not to mention the foreign tourists who will visit Delhi next year for the Commonwealth Games, will refer to this website for information about travelling around Delhi by the Metro.

Manish Student,
second year B.A. LL.B.(Hons)
National Law School of India University

My suggestion would be to penalise the commuters who misbehave. Let the errant commuters be heavily fined for whatever mistakes they do. In this way, Metro will earn and slowly and gradually people would restrain from doing nonsense things. We do have CCTVs installed at Metro stations, so the DMRC can easily catch hold of culprits.

Rajeev Sharma

I am following your series on Metro Mayhem in HT. Yes, it is indeed true that there is mayhem. However, there is still order in this chaos at certain stations of Metro. Till now, I have read only of negative experiences by most commuters. Today has been an exception. It was nice to read some positive things in your column. I wish to bring positive experiences of my own to your knowledge. I believe positive approach is more important in solving problems. Pessimism helps in bringing order to things only to an extent. I have a medical problem due to which the left side of my body has gone weak. Apparently, I look healthy. I have had the honor of traveling by metro to New Delhi Railway Station from Noida for some work at Asaf Ali Road along with my mother. Though the train was crowded, both my mother who is an elderly lady and myself were offered seats by co-commuters from Rajeev Chowk to New Delhi Railway Station. On our way back from Old Delhi, this time we had boarded the Metro from Chawri Bazaar for Rajeev Chowk. Yes, it was extremely crowded. We were offered a place by two young boys who appeared to be students of Delhi University. They had got up on their own. They were not coaxed to get up. From Rajeev Chowk, we took a Metro to Noida. Same story, it was crowded. But, some co-passenger offered a seat to my mother. Even i got a seat soon. What I am sharing here is that there are nice people also who are cultured enough to offer a place to sit and help others. I want these observations of mine to be published in your paper to motivate others to do the same. Before closing my mail, I wish to add that I take Metro to Mandi House daily from Golf Course, Noida. Till now, I have been able to get a place to sit from my co-passengers even without coaxing. Yes, the crowd in between at most of the stations till Mandi House is quite disciplined and good, in general. I feel you must print this point in your newspaper as so many others who are reading your column are getting a negative picture of travel by Metro. My colleagues who have never traveled by Metro and come to office in their individual cars are getting put off by such news! Many more people who may plan to travel by Metro may not do so if such a morbid picture of travel is given to them. I am planning of another mail to write to you my suggestions on how to improve the attitude of people.

Manjula Saxena MS

This is in response to your article published on 09.12.09 talking about the unruly Delhi crowd in Delhi metro.

Well,to be honest the only language most of the people in Delhi will understand,is of "strict law". They dont have any civic sense, no regard and respect for others. They have a selfish outlook of life. Civic sense and courtesy are imbibed during school time and by family values. Its very difficult to instill the same in an average Delhiite. The only solution is to have strict punishments like imprisonment for anyone indulging in damaging or defacing metro property. There should be heavy fines (Rs 2000- Rs 5000) for people misbehaving, smoking, littering, spitting or disobeying lawful directions on metro property. People who are insensitive to the fact that its a basic courtesy to make sure you vacate a seat meant for ladies and elderly passengers, should also be fined.

Thats the only way we can make Delhi behave. Metro is one good thing that has happened to Delhi and we should make sure it remains in a good condition.

Manmeet Grover