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Surfer's respond to Maya's style of politics

Readers respond to Cong-Maya Gloves Off

delhi Updated: Jul 16, 2009 15:23 IST

Fazal: Mayawati had using law for its own revenge.the law of india doesn't permit it.In a democracy you if u want to be like a dictator u will be diminished by the people.

Debabrata: She doesn't even know the role of a CM. In prepole speech she wanted to be Prime Minister only because she is a dalit. She is not fit to be politician. She is a black spot for our country. I know her supporter will say that I'm against dalit that is why I'm against her. They can't think above this.

Vishwa: Mayawati wants that Congress dismiss her government and bring the state under President's Rule. BJP and SP will now support this move. Once it is done, it is easy for Mayavati to divert public attention away from her numerous cases and she will garner enough sympathy from across the state.

Bhasker: Mayawati's brand of politics creates polarization in the society and encourages corrupt and Criminal elements to dominate the political arena. We should curb this cancer before it destroys the democratic process.

Sudhir: Sec.3(1) and 10 of the SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act)which are applied to arrest Ms Rita Bahuguna should be repealed at the earliest as these are misused by Dalits to blackmail other communities. Several reports in different parts of the country suggest that this act is only misused and objective for which it was framed is already met.

Aravind: Never never never. It is autocracy - she divides people and make them perpetual enemies - never allowing people comer closer with educational and economical progress. She should be sent to some school of thoughts and wisdom where she should be educated to become a better leader and teach her how she should bring people together and not the present cunny path of divide and rule.

Vivek: Completely disagree with her style of politics. This is not politics but Hitler rule in UP. There is no freedom of speech and no democracy. How can one spend so much of tax payers money in building her own statues?? Revolution need to arise and Central government should dismiss this government and ban her from contesting again.

Shahid: UP has been made a jungle . as soon as poor 20 crores people of UP get escape from MAYAWATI/MULAYAM/KALYAN/RAJNATH it will be better for them. This state used to be one of the best state of india before and at the time of freedom of India. Now it ranks in almost all things along with Bihar and other poor states of india.

Mahendrasinh: It is the people of UP who are to blame for electing a person like Mayawati.

Krishan: I do't support her style. Political opponents should be dealt with political means and not by force. Democracy is about giving respect to your opponents and being open to critisism so that the reqd changes in governance can be brought about.

Saurabh: This is totaly vindictive action by the Mayawati Governement. If Rita Bahuguna had said something objectionable, it should have been dealt as per law not burning by his house.

Vijai: Km. Mayavati believes in autocratic rule and she has no tolerance of any descent however constructive the same may be.

Anand: No she is acting like a dictator.

Inder jit: The UP CM assumes that Uttar Pradesh is her private property & is trying to act as a dictator. But people of UP have to bear with her as they have elected her. She must be punished but it will not happen.

Shashwat: Fail to understand how the lot of the downtrodden can be improved by gimmicks,tokenism & vindictive politics.

Shalini: No one in the sound frame of mind can support mayawati. if she thinks she can govern india with handful of hooligans..she can't be more wrong..indians are polite not coward to take her self congongratulatory symbols and disgusting politics lying down...we protest..alas...she can't understand the darn word...

JBK: Some people cant digest power.She is one of them. She does not know how to handle power. Total misuse.Her downfall is Sure.

Arun: No better example one can find of demolition of freedom of expression. For once, even if it hurts one's reputation & dignity, there are legal ways to take remedial course within the ambit of law of land without resorting to hit bsck violence.This would had, rather lifted the image of the office of the Minister.

Sohan: Yes I support Maya's decision because she is unnessaserily being harrassed due to her origin.

Paramjit No... she is running a mafia govt...

Khalid: No one can agree with the maya brand of politics. but what joshi said was highly deplorable. the entire episode is a mirror on the intolerance prevailent in the society and our political system.

Vikas: It appears that Maya is rebirthed as a "Aurangjeb" for people of UP who do not know what damage she is doing to herself and the people of her community by creating this divide. She will go tomorrow but the rife of division shallbe borne by the people as a whole. It appears that Maya is rebirthed as a "Aurangjeb" people of UP who do not know what damage she is doing to herself and the people of her community by creating this divide. She will go tomorrow but the rife of division shallbe borne by the people as a whole.

Mohan: her govt must be dissolved.

Ashley: This mayawati is actually an ugly man kind of thing. Send her to sail off the coast of somalia and the pirates can take care of her. no one is going to pay a penny of ransom for this thing????

Andrew She is not fit to rule a state. She should not only be sacked but also be banned from contesting elections again.