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This Valentine’s Day, Delhi couples are wearing their heart on their body

Number of couples who are gifting each other V-Day tattoos has gone up, say tattoo artist in the Capital. From each other’s fingerprints to heartbeats, they are wearing their love on their bodies.

sex and relationships Updated: Jun 09, 2017 14:45 IST
Ruchika Garg
Couples are getting inked with matching tattoos that denote a combination of an essence for both of them.

Couples getting inked to mark their love ain’t a new phenomenon, but this lovey-dovey tattoo trend has seen a rise this past week in the run up to Valentine’s Day, say tattoo artists in the city. “As opposed to 2 to 3 couples every day, we’ve had almost 10 couples come for tattoos this past week,” says tattoo artist Vikas Malani of BodyCanvas Tattoos.

Not just love, innovation is also in the air when it comes to the designs couples are opting for. For instance, the inkings of Sachin Bhavasaar, a space design and product stylist, and his live-in partner Arnav Vijaywargi, a National Institute of Fashion and Technology (NIFT) student, signify stars of the universe. “The first five are the same, but the sixth one is different and signifies our personalities. Mine is a black star which indicates Arnav’s practical nature, and the red star on his wrist signifies my emotional nature,” says Sachin.

Sachin Bhavasaar and partner Arnav’s tattoos signify five stars of the universe and the sixth one — that’s different — shows emotions and practicality.

“Couples are going for tattoos symbolic of their relationship, denoting a combination of an essence of each of them — fingerprints, anniversary date, zodiac symbol, travel or adventure stories. Couples are more open about the tattoos now. They get it done when they are more confident about their relationships. However, the location for the tattoos is different for every person depending on how personal it is,” adds Malani.

Businessman Anurag Arora — who believes that tattoos are a symbol of forever kind of love — also got a couple tattoo done with his wife. “My wife and I got tattooed with a Spanish quote on the back of our shoulders.”

Here’s another innovative couple tattoo, with a quote ‘To infinity and legend’.

While tattoo artists are happy to innovate, they still advise against getting their partner’s name inked. “You never know who will be your partner at the end, or where your relationship will head. So, we explain to the couples why getting names inked could be a problem, and instead they should go for more symbolic ones. Because everyday we see people walking in inquiring about getting the name of their ex removed,” says artist TJ from Devilz Tattoos.