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Ways to love God

God created this world and unified it with a four-letter word , LOVE.

delhi Updated: Mar 12, 2010 00:39 IST

God created this world and unified it with a four-letter word , LOVE.

God Himself is the embodiment, manifestation and incarnation of love.

Love is a common denominator, universal factor and binding force in this world.

All relationships are bound by love: parents and children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife. God and His devotees are bound by divine love.

Sri Sri Paramhansa Yoganada writes in one of his poems, “Breathe in me the way to love you, that I may learn to faultlessly love you”.

Now comes the question: How does one love God? There are as many ways to love God as there are human beings in this world. One can love God by going to a temple , church, masjid and gurudwara or by singing devotional chants as was done by Mira Bai and Surdass.

One can also love God by building temples, ashrams, churchs and masjids. One can also show his love for God by visiting holy places on auspicious and special days.

One can also love God by dridnarayan seva; seeing Him in the lowly and the lost.

One can also love God by continuously reciting HIS name/japa or meditation.

Loving the Lord can also be done by watching / participating in the glory of the Lord, plays/stories like the Mahabharta or the Ramayana.

But how does one learn to love God faultlessly. Yogananda says that it is through the breath that one can learn to love God faultlessly. Lord Jesus Christ says, “When man was born, the Lord breathed air into his nostrils and he became a living man.”

Therefore, when a man goes into samadhi through meditation, hi spirit / atma gets united with paramatma. This is a perfect stage wherein man can love God faultlessly, seamlessly and continuously.

Nonetheless, every individual has to select a method to love the Lord as per his prenatal and postnatal karmas. God has no preferred way, and to each man his own.