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What Delhi is saying (via emails)

I'm a resident of Vasco, Goa (but an ex-Mumbaikar). My husband, Hardeep Singh Aurora, also joins me in conveying these sentiments.

delhi Updated: Dec 09, 2008 19:06 IST

I'm a resident of Vasco, Goa (but an ex-Mumbaikar), and hear that your newspaper has started a column for people to express their views on the recent Mumbai terror attacks! I'd like my poem to feature in your special column and be indeed grateful if these words of salutation could reach our brave NSG and commando personnel. My husband, Hardeep Singh Aurora, also joins me in conveying these sentiments.

To those who died and those who saved and those who only stared …If not for you, I would have never known. How courage transforms men in times of greatest fear.

If not for you
I would have never known
My country's real heroes
Who care not just for their own
But save the lives of men unknown.

If not for you,
I would have never known
The shamelessness of men
who watch the burning show
as if it were something
that happens now and then.

If not for you,
I would have never known
A servant's true loyalty,
To save a two-year old
From horror, none would ever know,
Had she to run alone.

If not for you,
I would have never known
How 21 year olds --
The worst of Frankensteins --
Could pulverize a modern world!

If not for you,
I would have never known
That the managers of hell
Have spread their tentacles
Into our daily world -
"No place is safe no more"

If not for you,
I would have never known
That killing one another
In the garb of religion
Could seem so meaningless
When terror strikes -
which has NO religion.

If not for you,
I would have never known
Unity can still prevail
Amidst the people of my land
If only one would have
Leaders like once upon a time.

It is to YOU -
O' soldier in the uniform,
and even 'sans' a uniform -
that I pay obeisance, and cry
with humility, and also pride,
and say:
"Mera Bharat Mahaan"!!
-- Monica Aurora

What all happened in Mumbai was a nightmare. This city is larger than the capital city. I live here in Delhi and I am really worried about Mumbai. If I see the terrorists, I would love to ask them Why?
-- Shivangi Srivastava, Gurgaon

Delhi salutes the brave soldiers who laid down their lives fighting the terrorists and protecting us and our country. Enough is enough. Now it's time to fight back this deadly terrorism! "Jaago Mohan pyaare"
-- Ambreen Fatima, Delhi

We Delhi-ites appreciate the spirit of Mumbai. We are proud of you Mumbai and never forget Delhi loves you!
-- Wamica Dogra, Gurgoan

The 26/11 tragedy in Mumbai proved that no Indian city or state can survive without the help of the rest of India. As we were united on that fateful day so must we remain everyday and not try and ever isolate ourselves from 'others'.
-- Omar Luther King

Honsla rakhna Mumbai. Hum sab tumhare saath hain, har dum har kadam.
Humara din zaroor ayega....
-- Seema Vijay, New Delhi

Delhi loves Mumbai. The love we have for Mumbai is endless in our hearts. Let's get together and rebuild a New Mumbai where there is peace, happiness and courage. Let's give it back to them (terrorists), together.
-- Vernika Suryan, Delhi

The venom of terrorism is spreading fast in our country. First it was Kashmir but now the whole country is under threat. It is time we unite and forget the divisions of north, south, east and west. Let us terrorize terror and turn sadness into laughter with the spirit of Vande Maataram.
-- Kritika Kapoor

Terrorism is not a recent phenomenon but the recent mayhem in Mumbai left every Indian wounded. All Indians shared the pain and grief, though the growing immunity among our leaders is most annoying. The killing of innocents by terrorists exposed how ill-prepared we are in combating such attacks. However, people from the different parts of India have united and shown concern for Mumbaikars and challenged the leadership of the state with the simple and clear message "Perform or Quit".
-- Prem Singh, Noida

I feel we should invite the army to give all of us training on how to handle situations such as these so that we don't need to wait for help to arrive in times like this.
-- Tanisha Malhotra

My heart goes out to those who laid down their lives saving Mumbai and the nation. The valiant officers and men, who we have not seen. The men who laid down their lives so that we have a better future. Our salute to them, may they rest in peace. The government should now look after their families, though the irreparable loss cannot be compensated for. Losing someone is very painful and only time will heal the wounds. May the Almighty grant peace to the departed souls. We are with Mumbai in this time of distress, and always.
-- R Mathur, Advocate

The terror attack on Mumbai was a poor display of religious faith by terrorists. But India can still find a positive from those attacks. The way north Indians were being treated in Mumbai prior to the attacks was pathetic but now everyone has realised the strength of India is in its unity. And if any politician tries to divide and rule, he's going to get the boot. It's India that's my home not Delhi or Mumbai! We are one and we choose to remain that way. Vande Maataram!!
-- Harshit

United we stand!
Divided we fall!
We are all knit together!
Delhi loves Mumbai!
You are our inspiration!
Don't lose determination!
Courage is more exhilarating!
Never let your head hang down!
Never give up and sit down!
"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion." - Ethiopian Proverb
Let the whole India unite together
And fight terror!
We love you Mumbai!

-- Jaya

It's been eight days since Mumbai was bloodied by terror attacks. But the incident is still fresh in our hearts and minds. There are no words to express our feelings as they are mixed with all kinds of emotions. I salute the spirit of Mumbai that they still are going on with same enthusiasm and bravery after such a drastic situation. All the Indians must be inspired by the Mumbaikars. Just one question to our politicians - Had it been your relatives who had died on the spot, then?
-- Apoorva Lakotia

I know it is hard enough to forget this loss of life, I hope we stand together holding hands to fight against the terror.
I don't have words to explain my feeling for not only those who lost their lives, but to all of us who are affected by this.
Now is not the time to forgive or negotiate, but to take action against terrorism. Let's show them we are one and we will fight.
-- Sachidanand

This shattering incident in Mumbai should b treated seriously and Pakistan should be taken on by India. Everytime these terrorists attack the peace of our country, we are left offering condolence to the victims' families. Now is the time to crush the country behind all this. And Delhi is always with Mumbai. Jai Hind!
-- Manya

It was heartening to see lakhs of peaceful demonstrators on the roads, full of anger against the government and, of course, the terrorists. It was a rare sight as there were no so-called VIPs (read politicians). Whatever happened was bad for our psyche. Though I live in Delhi, my family was glued to the TV for all the latest updates and there was nil traffic on the roads - something that I did not see even when there were bomb blasts in Delhi! Initially we were shocked and a bit scared also…but then it became anger…and frustration at the failure of our security system. The anger was also evident in the eyes of even a 10-years old kid who was talking to the correspondent during the demonstration. Mumbai seemed around the corner not some 2000 kms away. It was as if some of our near and dear ones were trapped in the Taj hotel for so long. That's what we call India, the united people of India. We love Mumbai and its people! Jai Hind!
-- Naresh

26/11 - Mumbai attacked. Delhi bled. India cried. But let these tears not shatter us, not scare us, not break us. Let these tears ignite in us the fire to fight the war against terror with strength and solidarity. Let these tears bring us all together to pledge that no more shall our motherland and its beloved be hurt and plundered by such terror attacks. Let these tears give birth to the resolve that we demand concrete steps be taken to combat terrorism. Let us fight it out now. Let us not sleep over it. Let us not wait for another attack to happen. India shall rise. Long live my India.
-- Sonali Malhotra, Advocate, Delhi High Court

Mumbai and Delhi are like the stem and petals of a flower plant. If someone hurts either one of them, it hurts both.
So Mumbaikars don't panic. And have trust in god. If Mumbaikars are the petals of India then Delhi is the stem. Together we will finish terrorism and give a new life to people who have lost their near and dear ones. Youth is the energy of power today. And we will change India into a terror-free country. And we will show the youth power of India to the whole world. We just have to join hands and move forward.
-- Riddhi Agarwal, DU student

The way Mumbai people handle all grave situations is remarkable - the latest being the terrorist attack. The best spirit of bhaichara is seen in Mumbai at times of crises as they help each other. Mumbai is the best city for all kinds of businesses and professions as Mumbaikars understand the business spirit - no doubt then that it is the commercial capital of India. To weaken the nation economically they attacked Mumbai, the soul of the Indian business city.
To an average Mumbaikar, Mumbai stands for…
M - modern yet traditional
U - understands more of business
M - most Mumbaikars believe in having their own business
B - best of the human beings in the world
A - all in all - Mumbaikars are from all parts of India (tough, courageous, honest and best example of brotherhood in India).
I - India sans Mumbai is no India!
-- Mahesh Kapasi

I don't think there is any need to show Mumbaikars how much we love them as it is already shown by our commandos. Not only Delhi, every state in India loves the other states. Because we all are INDIANS. It's a shameful act of terrorism. May god bless all the people who sacrificed their lives.
Jai Hind!
-- Nisha Yadav

We all are Indians and a handful of people can't lead to a breech in our integrity. We all will fight together against terrorism.
-- Mumbai lovers, Tarun Aaggarwal; Teesha; Udit, Greater Noida (NCR)

I salute everyone who faced the 26/11 disaster!
-- Teesha Goyal, South Delhi Polytechnic

I would like to share my poem Broken Dreams, which is my tribute to all the innocent souls who, unfortunately, became the victims of the inhumane terrorist attacks in India.

Broken Dreams
His birthday was round the corner,
He prayed for love and honor.
Gifts awaiting from his friends,
A wait that would never end.
He would have never thought,
The year was his last.
A new year that he wanted,
Would come to a sudden end.

She was selected for her dream job,
Praises and appraisals just couldn't stop.
Rushing to be at the work place,
Determined, to win the race.
She would have never believed,
It was the last month she lived.
Success was all she wanted,
But alas! she took it for granted.

His wedding was not far away,
He dreamt of a new role to play.
Awaiting eagerly to meet her,
Nothing else he would prefer.
He would have never thought,
This day was his last.
His wedding was all he wanted,
But the day arrived and ended so fast.

Her son returned from the border,
The smile could only get broader.
Waiting to see how he looked,
His favorite dish she cooked.
She would have never felt,
It was the last hour she dealt.
His presence was all she wanted,
And a moment came, that left her haunted.

The sun has turned gloomy,
Birds have stop chirping.
Cattle have frowned,
devastation all around.
Terror strikes again,
Leaving ashes and flames.
Turning humans to stones,
Present into history.
All that is visible,
are scars and misery.

Who would unveil the gifts?
A child is not present!
Who would take the job?
The place is vacant again!
Who will tie the knot?
A bride is waiting!
Who would be at the border?
A soldier is missing!

Who will end their wait?
Who will wipe their tears?
Who will stop the terror?
Who will help shed the fear?

Can we dream our dreams?
Can we be free in our land?
Can we breathe peacefully?
And live life grand!

Can we expect brotherhood?
In an environment that is clear.
Can we expect humanity?
In the future near!!
P.S. I declare that the poem here submitted is original piece of work.
-- Vidhi Sharma, New Delhi

Delhi loves Mumbai. There's a lot of Mumbai in all of us. All Delhi-ites salute the spirit of Mumbai and are with Mumbai in this situation. We pledge to confront every disaster in Mumbai and in India.
-- Udyan Sharma, student

O Mumbai! O my Brother! How, like siblings, we keep fighting as to who is better (over issues like women's safety, infrastructure, attitude, discipline, and all)! But when your body has been injured by outsiders, I can't tell you how my heart and soul are bleeding and writhing with pain for you. Never knew I loved you so much. Get well soon and get going, meri jaan.
-- Ravinder Singh Puri, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

Hi Mumbai, do cheer up. We may be geographically apart but our blood is the same. We will support each other till we are alive and every sacrifice of our brothers and sisters for our motherland will give us more strength. We will prove that unity and brotherhood is strength and we will fight together all those childish forces who think they can do us apart. In this moment of grief we extend all possible mental, financial and physical support to you.
-- Ravi Vaidiswaran, Faridabad

I don't feel there is any difference in Delhi or Mumbai. We have been victims of terrorism time and again and as Indians we would always stand together, be it Bangalore or Gujarat. I read about the sudden upsurge in interest about commandos, NSG etc. What I feel is that the army and various companies should take the initiative of coming together. Be it a hotel, a restaurant or an MNC, they should invite army men who could give training to their employees on how to handle situations such as these and not wait for help to arrive. A few hours everyday can go a long way in guaranteeing the safety and security of our country.
-- Tanisha Malhotra

Hello Mumbai. We were never apart. We always shared Mumbai's celebrations be it Bollywood or business, and today we taste your tears, share your grief. However we share one more common emotion -- that India isn't scared of cowards, together we await to encounter them.
-- Gaurav Sharma, New Delhi

Message to the nation from an NSG commando:

I fought and fought till the end…

I fought for the country and you my friend…

The pain n heat I bore it all

Till the time I felt myself just fall

I really did not want to go
I bore it till I could bear no more
I called out to you, you could not hear
I wanted to ask you not to fear...

For long after I am gone,
The fight against terror must go on
Don't let my death in vain ever go
Stand up and fight till you can take no more

Our country is bleeding, innocent people dying
Fathers are grieving, mothers are crying
Don't let my death in vain, ever go
Stand up and fight till u can take no more

The faceless friend

The sound of laughter, the clinking of glass,
The brightly lit room, the shine of brass,
Shattered by a sudden sound
Gunfire going off round after round.

People screamed and panicked with fear,
"Some anti social elements must have come in here!"
Reassured the man all dressed in white.
But his face said more, it didn't seem all right.

He ushered us towards the backside door,
My heart beat faster. I could think no more.
We hid in a room awaiting the morn,
But the gunfire kept going on and on.

There were screams and shouts and painful sounds,
We closed our ears as we lay on the ground,
We listened to our people scream and fall,
As the cowards butchered and killed them all.

I heard a scream that spoke of pain,
I heard her scream again and again.
I shared her pain and sensed her fear,
And I could not help her or even go near!!

After a few hours that seemed eternity,
We were slowly led out and then set free.
But it was freedom of a different kind,
For I am still haunted by the screams of her who I left behind.

So this is a cry, a universal plea,
Please fight terrorism and set the world free.
Let's fight those cowards till the end
To avenge the death of my faceless friend

Duty bound
(A tribute to the GM of Taj)

The sound of gunfire and shattering glass,
Screams and shouts and death en masse.
He sprung to action and helped everyone around
For he was a civilian soldier who was duty bound.

His thoughts went up to his family.
He wanted to rush and help them flee,
But he stood right there rooted to the ground
For he knew he was duty bound.

He was told there was a fire raging upstairs
He could feel the heat and see the flares
But he stayed to help everyone around
For he felt he was duty bound .

He helped people out and shut the door
He was told the fire was on the upper floor,
His family was up, they must be found
He rushed up stairs, he was duty bound.

He reached them just a trifle late
They had met an extremely unkind fate,
He stood there still, his grief abound
Then went back to work for he was duty bound.

He grieved not for those he loved the most
For there were guests to save, he was the host
He helped each and everyone he found
And saved their lives because he was duty bound.

For the sake of all those men so brave

For the sake of the great sacrifices they made

Let us resolve to eliminate this evil that's spread all around

For all of us are also duty bound.

-- Seema Saha, Gurgaon (



Hi. I was working in a five-star hotel in Delhi but left my job two months back to prepare for my MBA entrance exams. This is what I want to convey to all the Mumbai-ites…
I would like say that in this time of agony, we Delhi-ites are with you. In every endeavour you people undertake we would always be there with you. Terrorism can hurt us physically but not mentally. It cannot endanger our unity and the support and love we have for each other. Such cowardly acts are not enough to bury our spirit to fight against all odds. Let's join hands in this fight to achieve victory over the evils of terrorism. We cannot afford to lose precious assets like Karkare and Salaskar just in vain. They sacrificed their lives to restore peace and now it's up to us to proceed ahead and complete that task. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of every individual of this country to fight against terror and never ever allow it overcome us -- that would mean the victory of terrorism, the victory of the wicked and ultimately, an end to our country. Thus we all need to stand up and show them that together we all will make a difference. So all you people out there reading this, make a promise to yourself that very soon we'll make our country a better and a peaceful place to live in, a place free from all the hassles of corruption, terror and such cowardly acts and threats.
-- Karan Bhatia

It was the greatest heartbreak, the saddest day -- the painful saga continues after the tragic events of 26/11.
Mumbai was always an integral part of my childhood and has a special place in my heart. Having done my schooling from Pune -- Dad was stationed there as a Colonel in the Army -- a majority of my school mates had their roots in Bombay. Later, my son married a beautiful Mumbaikar and their children love Bombay. Both, at the age of 4, used to say Mumbai is the "coolest!" My coolest friends, scattered across the world, always returned to Mumbai, their home. Needless to say the visits were always exciting.
In the 70s and the 80s when I was busy struggling to make my career I worked in Mumbai for weeks at a stretch and always it was the Taj or the Oberoi for my foreign clients and me. After a gruelling day at work, it was sheer bliss to walk into the hotel. The sincere smiles of the staff seemed to emanate straight from their hearts. The walks along the waterfront, the balmy breeze without a care about the time of night, the sudden bursts of laughter, and the calls of vendors with their delectable little edible pot pourri. Never could we could have done this in Delhi, at 2 am without a nagging discomfort, about security. (Or gone on buggy rides on Marine drive or had Iranian food in Colaba.) Whether it was the common man on the street cafe or the people at work - there was the slightest quiver of curiosity at my Dilli/Angrezi accent and the unspoken comprehension that I was not of these parts…then the rushing about to obtain the best batata vada or vada pav, the khandvi - the bonhomie at every corner shop of the city... I was hooked for life.
Which insane devils dared to even try and destroy meri Mumbai, meri jaan. I will guard the Mumbaikars with the sheer power of my thoughts and look to a brighter future for the city of Dreams. As a Delhi-ite, I share your strength of purpose that this will never happen again. Tell me what I can do to soothe your pain and smoothen the wrinkles on your furrowed brow.
-- Chitra Panicker, New Delhi

Its always easier said than done. Hats off to Mumbai-ites for their courage in this time of distress.
I have been born and brought up in Delhi but the first time I visited Mumbai, I loved it as much as Delhi. I really do not understand the sense of killing hundreds of innocent people and children.
Just imagine you go out for dinner with friends to the Oberoi Hotel and the next thing you know is that someone has pushed you out of the hotel for the hotel is attacked by terrorists. You are totally confused and panicky and feel that your friends must be following you. You sit in a cab and are rushed out. To your surprise you can't see your friends and have lost your phone in the rush. You reach home and try contacting the friends you were to dine with. The next morning you learn that they are no more. Survived by two little girls who still believe that their parents would be back soon, as told to them by their nanny. That is the story of my dear friends who were the victims of this tragic terrorist episode. My heart bleeds for those who lost their lives for no fault of theirs.
I must go and share their grief. I am not scared and love Mumbai. Now and forever... A few terrorists can never stop Delhi-ites from loving Mumbai-ites.
Mumbai.... Tujh pe dil qurban!!
-- Jasnit Kaur Batra, New Delhi

Our family will not worry if a few rodents invade our house and cause menace for a couple of days. We will not allow these rodents to spread a disease called "Terror" in our house. Mumbai we are with you.
-- Pradeep Khurana

Being a Delhi-ite, Mumbai is like my second home. This city is very close to my heart as I was brought up there. Am sure our protests against the terror attacks are hardly going to change our political system. Our corrupt politicians will remain hungry for vote banks and see only their self-interest. We should move ahead with own strategy and try to teach them a lesson by casting a protest vote in forthcoming election. We can show our dissent and disapprove of these politicians. We should request our Chief Election Commissioner, make EVMs available with the "not to vote" symbol so that we can exercise our votes under section 49 - (O).
-- Neetu Banga, Delhi

The spirit of Mumbai this time must be that of resilience. Public opinion should prevail. End the political careers of the politicians. Create a public roster; fill it with names of those who have proven to be incompetent. Do not vote for them or for any party who fields them. Show them that in a democracy, the public is the biggest decision-maker of all.
-- Anuj Chaturvedi

I didn't want to light a candle and bury the memory of those who have died. My heart is full of anger, pain, and revenge. I see no victory. I see no reason to celebrate. I see no reason to hoist my national flag outside the Taj hotel. Ten terrorists had the power to hold the entire nation at ransom for 60 hours! We must fight back.
If the government can't save us, let the army rule this country.
The speeches of Manmohan Singh and Pratibha Patil fail to diminish my anger.
For the first time in my life I don't feel proud to be an Indian - a country which is unsafe, volatile and corrupt.
We want reaction. India needs leaders NOT buffoons. It's time to wake up.
For God's sake people, please unite. Please lets do it in the hope of a better future…a better new India!
-- Swati Banbah, 18, student, Delhi

The 26/11 terror attack has sent the whole of India into despondency. Humanity is deeply wounded…people are inconsolable. Delhi, as a soul sister stands hand-in-hand with Mumbai. Grief-filled hearts pray for the souls of the departed.
-- Sanya Nayar, student

It's a matter of great sorrow and grief to learn about the plight of Mumbai and its people. The terrorists should be ashamed of themselves because the killing they are doing under the name of Allah will bring them no glory. As far as Mumbai is concerned, I wish it a speedy recovery. May the situation gets normal soon. Let's not fear and confine ourselves to our homes as this is what all these fanatics wanted. Lets not allow them to win.
-- Peeyusha Sharma, student, Delhi

Let us stand up together with strong action and honour to show our strength to the whole world. Jaago Indians!
-- Poonam Singh

All Mumbai-wasees, I wish I could be there with all of you. Lage lage rehna aur datt kar mukabala karna. Yeh terrorists hum se darte hai tabhi to peeche se war karte hai, aur yeh netas -- kab chodengey yeh muft ki roti khanna? Inke ghar ka jab tak koi nahi jayega tab tak shayad yeh nahi samjhengey.
I love you Mumbai.
-- Ashima Kapoor

Last week's episode in Mumbai was not horrible but unbelievable. But at the same time, the courage and unity shown by Mumbaikars to combat and crush terrorism under any circumstances is really commendable and beyond doubt shows the solidarity in this hour of crisis.

Mumbai has always been a city of dreams not only for the Indians but for the entire World. Credit goes to Mumbaikars who are the sole pillars maintaining the dignity and status of this city.
A salute to all Mumbaiwallahs.
-- Surender Raheja, New Delhi

Whether we are in Mumbai or Delhi or any other part of this country, the anguish that we share is not any less or different. There is anger as well as grief. But let's not forget that in these hard times there is something which unites us, transcending all boundaries -- we all believe it's time for a 'change'. You have set the wheels in motion. Please let your anger be channelized into constructive solutions. The need of the hour is new leaders -- India needs clean, fresh blood to flow into its system. Any takers?
--Mona Kanwar, DLF City, Gurgaon