5 devices you should check out to combat air pollution

  • Naina Lavakare, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 04, 2016 21:31 IST
The air we breathe isn’t getting better any time soon. Instead of only relying on the government or the courts to magically clean the air, let’s protect ourselves in the interim. (Hindustan Times Photo)

The air we breathe isn’t getting better any time soon. Instead of only relying on the government or the courts to magically clean the air, let’s protect ourselves in the interim. Here are 5 devices which will bring you closer to the clean air you deserve.

1. Masks:

Masks come with 2 ratings: N95 and N99. N95 masks are usually less expensive because they remove 95% of the pollutants while N99 masks remove 99% and are therefore more expensive.

Vogmasks, Respro, Cambridge, Venus, SmartAir

Vogmasks- popular possibly because of their vibrant and funky designs- are on the pricier side (Rs.2000 and above) while basic (but efficient) masks such as Venus Masks and SmartAir masks come between Rs. 24-85. Some masks such as Cambridge masks and Respro masks are mid range (Rs. 2000 for N99 rated masks) and are available online.

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2.Nasal Filters:

These funky new devices -which just hit online stores in India- are stick on pollution filters.

Filter Your Life and others coming soon!

For those who are still uncomfortable wearing masks, this product is almost invisible and is as effective as masks! Resembling a band-aid, these nasal filters can be used once or maybe twice before losing their effect. A pack of 7 costs around Rs. 600-700.

3. Air Quality Monitoring Devices

Keeping yourself informed about the air quality not only helps you plan your day, but also motivates you to make a change!

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Breathe Easy Laser Egg, AirVeda, DYLOS

This device could not be easier to use. Slightly larger than a cricket ball, the Laser Egg (Sold as the BreatheEasy Origins Laser Egg) displays the ambient levels of PM2.5, along with China and the U.S’ Air Quality Index (AQI). The device can also be connected wirelessly to your smart phone so that you can view the level of pollution in one room while sitting in another. AirVeda is another company which sells air quality monitoring devices online. The Dylos is an advanced device recommended for research related to air pollution and is therefore pricier.

4. Indoor Purifiers

Air purifiers, although pricy, benefit more than just an individual. You can stay protected the entire night with just the press of a button.

SHARP, Daikin, Philips, KENT, SmartAir.

SmartAir sells purifiers for only Rs. 3,399 while SHARP air purifiers come for Rs.30,000 and up. Purifiers differ in price due to their durability. The HEPA filter in the SmartAir purifiers need to be replaced every 3 months, while the HEPA filters in SHARP air purifiers usually last 9-12 months in a polluted city like Delhi before needing replacement. Air purifiers from Philips are mid-ranged while DAIKIN purifiers are closer to the cost of SHARP purifiers. BluAir is even higher end. Recently KENT has introduced HEPA air purifiers. Look out for them in stores around you!

5. Car Purifers

Those who spend lots of time in cars are also exposed to the most vehicular pollution. Fear not! Car purifiers will come to the rescue.

BreatheEasy, Philips and more!

These innovative products still new to markets are portable and accessible. All you need to do is stick it on the dashboard and turn it on. Both purifiers come for around Rs. 6000.

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