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And the Nobel goes to...Obama!

delhi Updated: Oct 13, 2009 21:57 IST
Shakeel Sobhan

"Woo Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize!!! Next up: canonization into sainthood, an Oscar, an ESPY, and the Hogwarts House Cup!!!!"

"Dear Diary, in my world today, NASA bombed the moon, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize & Marge Simpson's on the cover of Playboy."

"If they're going to give Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, they should be fair and give Bush a Nobel War Prize."

US President Barack Obama's selection to join the ranks of Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, the 14th Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, The United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces on Friday as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient has sent the online world into a tizzy. The tweets quoted above, are just a few in the ocean of Twitter updates, bearing Obama's name, that witnessed a tsunami the moment his name was announced as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. From wonder, disbelief, indignation to kind acceptance they said it all.

Facebook status messages too seemed to have no other topic than the emphatic win of the charismatic leader. No wonder one status message said - "17 status updates on my homepage, 12 about Obama. My! My! Aren't we 'concerned'?"

Yes it seemed the world was "concerned". Questions regarding his win ranged from the pertinent to the poignant. "Congratulations. So you won the Nobel Peace Prize? Now, earn it: End the occupation of Iraq, end the blockade of Cuba" read one tweet while another asked "I can not understand what special Obama did for Nobel peace prize. Or now he gets prize for future?"

Parodies of his win also innundated the net with Greg Mankiw's tongue-in-cheek blog entry First-Year Grad Student Wins Nobel Prize in Economics! becoming one of the most read blog posts of the day. It reported about the - "…surprise choice of first-year graduate student Quintus Pfuffnick for the Nobel Prize in Economics (which) drew praise from much of the world Friday even as many pointed out the youthful economist has not yet published anything in scholarly journals."

In India too the ripples were felt quite evidently. Anjana Raghu Ram, a JNU graduate, wrote - "Obama's Nobel is incredulous...." adding that "Obama got it because he wasn't George Bush."

Fellow JNU'ite Sidharth KG wrote - "Obama swearing in ceremony- Jan 20th 2009. Nobel Prize nominations last date- Feb 1st 2009. He was apparently awarded for 'his efforts in strengthening international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples' HIS FIRST INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EFFORT CAME IN THE FORM OF ADDRESS TO THE MUSLIM WORLD- Feb 11 2009 (beyond the deadline)...wat did they see in like 10 days...madness...nothin else...!!!"

His blatant indignation was quite apparent in his next status update which read - "Shouldnt Lord Buddha get the Nobel prize(posthumous) for peace considering he spread compassion, peace and love all his life!!!" which got a cheeky reply from a friend of his who said that Lord Buddha should rather get a peace prize named after him.

One of the most common question doing rounds on both Facebook and Twitter was - "How is it that Barack Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize and Mahatma Gandhi does not?" Of course, no one really wanted to point out that Gandhi had never been the president of the most powerful nation of the world.

Author Mehran Zaidi finding it hard to suppress his disbelief wrote - "wtf? Obama given the nobel peace prize! Already?".

Journalist Mahim Pratap Singh did have his laugh on erstwhile President George Bush when he posted on his wall - "Obama's sympathy vote. Poor Bush. Had he known it was this easy, he would have shunned his party line and sent a bouquet or two to Ahmadinejad and Castro."

Subtly too has its takers in the form of young techie Pranav Dixit most subtly put his outrage across, writing - "After Obama's win, Pranav Dixit thinks that he too should win the Nobel Peace Prize as he is a kind, compassionate, peace-loving person." Adding, "Did I mention I was passionate too? Apparently, that was one of the reasons why he was given the Nobel Prize for - 'cos he was passionate!"

Whatever the world might have felt, posted, tweeted and retweeted the last laughs were definitely had by the likes of Ajai Sreevatsan who wrote - "Woah.! Such outpouring of collective mocking! If my Facebook friends had any say in it… looks like Oh-Bama wudn't have won even an apple pie eating contest!"