Anupam Kher apologises after journalist ‘heckled’ at protest march

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Nov 08, 2015 15:44 IST
NDTV reporter Bhairavi Singh has alleged that she was heckled and abused by protestors at the March for India rally organised by actor Anupam Kher on Saturday. (Photo Courtesy: Twitter)

Actor Anupam Kher apologised after NDTV reporter Bhairavi Singh alleged that she was heckled and abused by protestors at the March for India rally organised by the actor.

Kher was quoted by NDTV as saying, “If any individual did this during rally, I apologise.”

In a series of tweets, Singh alleged that she was surrounded by a crowd, pushed around and called a prostitute while she was covering the event.

“First was called a prostitute, heckled, chased just for saying that the Indian creative world is divided on this issue,” she tweeted.

Singh said that a poster was thrust in her face and she was asked to wear a Congress cap by protestors. An NDTV report that the protesters accused the media of politically motivated and biased reporting. The report also mentioned that police had to intervene and escort Singh to safety.

Social media erupted with a flurry of reactions. While many expressed solidarity with Singh, others bombarded her with demands to share a video of the incident as proof. Protesters at the rally jumped into the fray, saying the crowd was provoked after Singh asked them if they were paid to be there.

Strong support came from the AAP camp with volunteer Ankit Lal tweeting a video of a visibly upset Singh walking out of the protest with a ring of policemen surrounding her. Members of the crowd seem to be shouting at Singh as she walks. “Is this tolerance?”, Lal asked in his tweet.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal also extended his support, tweeting: “This kind of treatment is unacceptable. I admire ur courage ma’am.”

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