Bloodshed over turf: Retaliatory killings going on for 3 years

  • Ananya Bhardwaj, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 27, 2015 00:49 IST
A total of nine gangsters have been killed in a span of three years in the inter-gang rivalry between Neeraj Bawana(Left) and Neetu Dabodia (Right)

A total of nine gangsters have been killed in a span of three years in the inter-gang rivalry between Neeraj Bawana and Neetu Dabodia.

After Bawana and his men killed two of Dabodia’s men in a police van on Tuesday, police apprehend there could be more bloodshed. Now, Bawana’s men have outnumbered the gangsters from the Dabodia clan.

The killings started in 2012 after tensions between Dabodia and Bawana came out in the open over Sonu Pandit. Sonu, a native of Tatesar, joined the gang and soon grew close to Bawana. Dabodia thought Sonu would kill him with Bawana’s help.

“Sonu was kidnapped from his village and taken to a tubewell where he was beaten before being smothered to death by Dabodia’s gangsters. Theytook him to a forest in Karnal and burnt his body using petrol. When Bawana found out about the death of his aid, he started planning a series of killings to take revenge,” a source said.

The rivalry also grew after some of the Dabodia’s aides joined Bawana when he started his own gang. Angered over the defections, Dabodia killed Rajesh alias Raju who had joined hands with his rival.

In 2014, when Bawana established his gang, he first eliminated Sandeep Tatesar -- the man who had helped Dabodia eliminate Sonu Pandit. “Bawana went on a killing spree to take revenge for Sonu’s death. Soon after killing Sandeep, he also shot down one Pradeep, also an associate of Dabodia,” the source said.

Next in line was Ashu Halalpuri who was killed just because he defected to the Dabodia gang. Bawana along with his associate Ajay Bagdi and Ankur killed Ashu because he was working with one of Dabodia’s aides,” police said. In retaliation to this, Bawana’s gang member Monu Wajidpur was also shot dead by members of Dabodia gang.

Bawana seeks security

Neeraj Bawana on Wednesday moved a Delhi court seeking security for himself saying he apprehended threat to his life, PTI reports.Bawana, who is lodged in Tihar Jail in connection with several cases, said in his plea that his rivals might try to eliminate him during his transportation, production in courts or inside the prison complex.

He claimed that earlier too he had filed applications in this regard but the jail administration did not take the issue seriously, claiming this had resulted in the attack on him in the prison van on Tuesday when the inmates were being transported from Rohini district court to Tihar.

Bawana’s men were allegedly involved in the murder of two prisoners in a van on Tuesday.

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