Dabodia’s men were killed with ice-picks and surgical blades

  • Karn Pratap Singh, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 28, 2015 00:22 IST

Neeraj Bawana’s men used ice-picks and surgical blades to kill two members of the Neetu Dabodia gang in moving police bus on Tuesday, police sources said.

Investigation has also shown that apart from the camera in the police bus, the vehicle’s emergency alarm was also not working.

A day after HT reported that the camera in the bus was not functioning, the Delhi armed police (DAP) has ordered an investigation into why a bus without functional camera and emergency alarm was used to ferry prisoners. Prisoners were being ferried by the 3rd battalion of the DAP.

Interestingly, an ACP from the same department has been tasked to probe the lapses.

All the nine prisoners were frisked by jail security staff and also by the escorting team before they were taken to the Rohini court for court hearing, sources in Tihar said on condition of anonymity.

“Nothing suspicious was found from the prisoners when they left for the court. The said weapons must have been given to the attackers while they were at the court,” the Tihar official said. He added that it is common for undertrials to return with prohibited items such as tobacco, pan masala etc. provided to them by their acquaintances in the court premises. On several instances, prisoners have been caught returning with blades after court proceedings.

Probe suggests that the camera’s wire was tampered with and, although the recording unit of the camera is placed next to the driver’s seat, no one notice it.

The lapses by the 3rd battalion DAP personnel, who were escorting the high-risk prisoners, have already pointed towards a ‘deep-rooted conspiracy,’ in which involvement of escorting team members or insiders in 3rd battalion cannot be denied.

Police sources suspect that the weapons of offence were provided to the attackers, including Neeraj Bawana and his close aide Naveen Bali, by their associates allegedly after court proceedings. Presence of weapons such as ice-picks and surgical blades in a police bus that was carrying high-risk prisoners suggests that prisoners were not searched or frisked before they were packed into the bus.

DCP (outer) Vikramjeet Singh was not available for the comment. As per standing orders, the escorting team should thoroughly search and frisk prisoners before taking their custody from the jail and while putting them in the police bus after court hearings.

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