Delhi model’s sister releases pics, says husband beat her mercilessly

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  • Updated: Mar 30, 2016 09:32 IST
The pictures that have gone viral show Priyanka with a battered face, a swollen eye and stitches on her lips and forehead

Priyanka Kapoor’s sister, Dimpy, on Tuesday released photographs of Priyanka after she was beaten up by her husband.

The pictures that have gone viral show Priyanka with a battered face, a swollen eye and stitches on her lips and forehead. Dimpy said the pictures were taken on January 30, a few days after their wedding. “Nitin woke Priyanka at 4 am and started beating her. He was angry over Priyanka stepping out for tea with her friend. He did not even let her explain. Priyanka told me that she was sleeping in her room, when Nitin came, woke her up and punched her in the face,” Dimpy said. “He slapped, punched and kicked her. He held her from her neck and slammed her head against the wall.”

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HT tried contacting Nitin brother’s on his cell phone, but it was switched off.

Dimpy said that Priyanka was shocked after being beaten so mercilessly. She tried to inform her parents, for which she received another round of beating. “She somehow managed to inform us and we got her back home. She was scared. Nitin then followed us to our home and stood outside our house like a maniac. We refused to entertain him. We told him that we will speak to his parents,” Dimpy said. “The next day, we called Nitin’s parents and told them that we are approaching the police, but they threatened us. Nitin’s brother told us that he had contacts.”

The next morning, Nitin’s parents visited Priyanka and convinced her that these things were ‘normal’ in a marriage and that she should learn to adjust. Nitin’s father reportedly apologised for his son’s actions and requested Priyanka to return home. “Priyanka got convinced and returned home, but her mother-in-law tortured her. Once she had gone to visit her in-laws at their Meera Bagh residence, when her mother-in-law hit Priyanka. Priyanka was so scared of Nitin that she stopped telling us about the abuse,” Dimpy said.

Dimpy alleged that Nitin also used to force Priyanka to visit a tantrik with him, which Priyanka did not approve of. “Priyanka was a modern woman. She did not believe in superstitions. But Nitin forced her to visit a tantrik and eat the priest’s offering, which irked her, she said.

Nitin, who has been arrested, has been sent to judicial custody.

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