Delhi Police release self-defence videos for women

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 08, 2015 18:32 IST

You are a woman travelling in a bus in Delhi and a man attempts to molest you by stealthily sneaking up behind you and touching you inappropriately.

What should you do next? Catch hold of the man’s hand, twist the wrist and forcefully hit him with your elbow. Then, cornering him, hit him in the groin with your knee. He is bound to fall down because of the pain.

So says a new self-defence tutorial video for women posted by Delhi Police on YouTube.

“Pet aur jaangh ke beech waale bhaag – nazuk ang par waar karein (Target the vulnerable area between the man’s stomach and his thighs),” the narrator says in the section of the video that describes how the women should carry out the final assault.

Delhi Police has so far posted two videos in its series titled “Self Defence Techniques for Girls by Delhi Police”. The videos list probable situations a woman could find herself in during an attack and the counter measures they should take are graphically described in a step-by-step manner.

Both videos, each 20 minutes long, showcase how mental and physical preparedness go a long way in tackling such attacks – whether it be a case of bag snatching or kidnapping or rape.

At the start of the first video, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi says the techniques shown in the videos are a mix of some of the best martial arts practices. By adopting such measures, women can ‘dhool chatao’ men who misbehave with them. The term ‘dhool chatao’ literally means “bite the dust”.

The women shown enacting the self-defence measures in the videos are members of the Self Defence Wing of the Special Police Unit for Women and Children of Delhi Police.

Crimes against women in Delhi became a national issue after the brutal gangrape of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student in December 2012. Last year, 2,069 rape cases were registered in the national capital, Hindustan Times reported.

Watch the two complete videos here:

Part I: Part II:

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