Delhi tops highest spenders’ list; 39% money goes into food, says economic survey

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 06, 2014 01:11 IST

The capital is spending the most in the country. A report on household consumer expenditure released by the Delhi government on Friday said the capital’s monthly per capita expenditure of Rs 3,842 in 2011-12 was the highest in India.

In 2010, Delhi’s per capita expenditure (urban) stood at Rs 2,905.

The report was prepared by the directorate of economics and statistics for the period July 2011-June 2012.

The monthly per capita expenditure in urban areas at the national level was Rs 2,630, the report said.

In urban areas of Haryana, the monthly per capita expenditure was Rs 3,817, while in Gujarat it was `2,581. In Kerala, it was Rs 3,408, Punjab spent Rs 2,794 while Uttar Pradesh had a monthly per capita expenditure of Rs 2,051.

Madhya Pradesh and the urban areas of Bihar had monthly per capita expenditures of Rs 2,058 and Rs 1,507, respectively.

Delhiites spent the most — 39% — on food items. The remaining 61% was on non-food items.

Eleven was spent on milk and milk products, 6% on cereal and pulses, 2% on edible oils, 5% on vegetables, 3% on fruits and dry fruits among others.

The report said 94.03% of the total households used LPG as their source of cooking, 1.19 were dependent on kerosene and .84 on fire wood.

When it came to non-food items, 6% was spent on fuel, 6% on clothing and bedding, 8% on education, 3% on medical treatment and 6% on rent and 1% on paan, tobacco and intoxicants.

Inflation could be the main reason behind an increase in food expenditure; Delhiites are also spending much more on medical treatment and education of their children.

In Delhi, wheat consumption was 4 times higher than rice. The per capita monthly consumption of wheat in urban areas of Delhi was 6.79 kg and that of rice was 1.48 kg as compared to 4.32 kg of wheat and 4.66 kg of rice consumed in the urban areas at the national level.

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