Joint property owners in Delhi cannot apply for DDA’s latest housing scheme

  • Sidhartha Roy, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 27, 2014 00:38 IST

Even if you own a small share in a joint property in Delhi, you would not be eligible to apply for a flat in the Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) latest housing scheme 2014.

According to the DDA’s housing regulations, an applicant must not own any residential flat or plot in full or in part in Delhi, New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment area in his or her name or in the name of their spouse or dependent children.

The DDA had earlier announced in a press meet that those who had a share in a joint property in Delhi less than 66 square metres would be eligible to apply for the housing scheme.

However, senior DDA officials now say anybody who jointly owns a property in Delhi, even if the share is less than 66 square metres, will not be eligible to apply.

“We had earlier announced that if someone has a joint ownership in a property that is less than 66 square metres or about 710 square feet in area is eligible to apply. This meant that if three people owned a 1,500-square feet plot, all of them would have been eligible to apply,” said a senior DDA official who didn’t wish to be named.

“After checking the housing regulations thoroughly, we found that this rule was not applicable to the housing scheme. Therefore if someone owns a property jointly, he or she cannot apply for the scheme, no matter how small the share is,” he said.

“This clause is unfair to Delhi residents as property owners just across the border can apply even if they own acres of land there but those with even a small property in Delhi cannot,” the official said. “This is why DDA was planning 80 per cent reservation for Delhiites but it couldn’t get cleared in the authority meeting,” he said.

The joint ownership clause is only applicable in cases where the property has been divided and registered individually. In case a property is owned by a joint family but it is registered in the name of one person, the others are eligible to apply.

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