'Many trips in a year, but still awaiting treatment'

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  • Updated: Jul 09, 2015 15:07 IST
Jaspal Singh Dhamara, who suffers from liver complications, has been making multiple trips for a year to Lok Nayal Hospital. (Arun Sharma/HT Photo)

JS Dharma, 31
Tilak Nagar, Delhi

Jaspal Singh Dhamara, who suffers from liver complications, has been making multiple trips for a year.

“I have been undergoing treatment here for more than a year. When I was admitted, tests for blood count and sugar level were done immediately, but for some reason or the other I had to keep coming back,” he said.

He said he had to go back thrice before his liver test was done.

“Doctors kept saying, ‘This is not there, that is not there. Come again in a week’. If they cannot do the test, they should just say so,” said Dhamara, who was admitted at Lok Nayak’s emergency ward twice.

Now, with his doctor’s consent, he is finally getting his tests done at a private lab for around Rs 800.

“I live very far from here. The only reason I come here is so that I can receive treatment free of cost, but that is also not happening,” said Dhamara, a resident of Tilak Nagar.

Awaiting treatment

Rasheeda, 32
Shamli, Uttar Pradesh

Rasheeda and her husband Imraan, 35, (both go by their first name only), travelled three hours by train to come to Lok Nayak Hospital to get Rasheeda treated for hypothyroidism and high blood sugar.

She hasn’t received treatment, despite having made three trips to the hospital. “Since the tests were done at a private lab, the results have not been accepted here and the doctors have refused to prescribe treatment,” said Imraan.

Rasheeda first came three months ago after her neighbour recommended it to be good and affordable. “Her thyroid problem was detected four years ago and I took her to a private doctor. We do not have a lot of money, so we thought of coming here,” said Imraan.

So far it hasn’t helped much, he said. “I have come here thrice. Each time, we wait in line and are told in the afternoon to come again the next day. I live far away, I can come back only the next week,” said Imraan, a daily-wage construction worker.

Last month, he discovered they had been given the wrong date for appointment, after the registration counter closed. “On June 17, the doctor wrote we should come on June 15. With the date wrong, how will we get the test done? She has not been treated till now,” said Imraan.

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