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Most read HT blogs of 2011

delhi Updated: Dec 30, 2011 14:31 IST

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From cars to Pakistan, Anna Hazare to Aarushi Talwar, Dev Anand to Superman, Sanjay Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi. Different issues, different opinions. Some encouraging while some vitriolic. Here's a look at ten most read HT blogs in 2011.

1.The biggest story of 2011 : Hyundai EON vs Maruti Alto
Eon has managed to scare Maruti in a way that people expected Nano would do. For the first time in over a year, Maruti launched a cosmetically modified version of the Alto in a bid to make it look more contemporary as also create some noise to disipate the din surrounding the Hyundai car.

2. Everybody killed Aarushi Talwar
The law considers one as innocent until proved guilty. But not the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) whose closure report in the Aarushi murder case is a scandal. It names the victim’s father, Rajesh Talwar as a suspect but wants the case closed in the absence of clinching material evidence.

3. Sanjay’s men and women
Sanjay’s best friends were Kamal Nath and Jagdish Tytler: Kamal Nath, now a minister and Tytler somewhat out of favour. The eighties slogan was: Sanjay Gandhi ke do haath; Tytler aur Kamal Nath. The two wielded power and were Sanjay Gandhi’s eyes and ears.

4. When India almost went to war with Pakistan
While we will have to wait for former NSA Brajesh Mishra’s memoirs to find out what happened on Raisina Hill those days, it is certain that NDA leadership under Atal Behari Vajpayee had given a green signal to Indian military to strike at Pakistan in December 2001 and then again in May 2001 but the military brass failed to deliver.

5. Dev Anand, star stuck in time
Raj Kapoor became a fat old man who cared more about direction than acting. Dilip Kumar used his talent to recast himself as a character-actor and was content to let the ravages of time show on his face. But Dev was determined to cheat time. Even in his 70s, he continued to play the romantic lead.

6. Rahul let down by his own party?
Normally speaking as people who have covered the Congress for many years will tell you, the party would have held Rahul’s speech as the gospel truth and would have crafted its strategy around it. But what amazed everyone was that till Jyotirditya Scindia took the floor towards the end of the lokpal debate, there was hardly any reference to the thoughts expressed by the general secretary.

7. Swamy taunts us again. We couldn’t care less
Two years ago, I bumped into Swamy at Deoband’s circuit house, I spent an hour with him over tea. He didn’t appear half as fanatic as he usually is. He also took pains to convince me that he is not against Muslims, going on to even say how his daughter is married to a Muslim family.

8. Sex, Sleaze and Netas
UP’s political diary is full of sordid tales of sex and sleaze. But never ever the politicians were accused of raping and blackmailing women till former minister Amarmani Trupathi’s love for poetess Madhumita came into circulation.

9. Superman died in Malegaon
Skinny Superman’s underpants are split from the bottom. Through that slit, he’s made to slide into a log of wood that juts out of a horse cart. A few people from the film crew hold and flutter his red cape from behind. The cape flies in the air

10. Gayle force hits IPL
Chris Gayle is apparently not amused with Shah Rukh Khan not retaining him in his squad. The West Indian has though murdered every bowler who has had the misfortune of bowling to him, but he has been particularly harsh on his former franchise.