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Netizens' reaction on the present situation in Kashmir

delhi Updated: Jul 07, 2010 21:22 IST
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The Valley of Kashmir was brought under a curfew following killing of four civilians.
The Cabinet Committee on Security, which discussed the situation in Kashmir today, decided to use Army as a "deterrent" and said that security forces will ensure strict enforcement of curfew.

We asked our followers on Facebook for their reaction on the present situation in Kashmir. We received a huge response. Here's what they had to say:

Fouad Farooq said, "Ask the people of Kashmir what they want. . .A plebiscite," to which Manish Narang says, "A UN brokered plebiscite. Maharaja hari singh's legacy has shed enough innocent blood."

Priyadarshan Singh says, "I wonder if people of kashmir realize its them killing them...i.e own Police own mujahideen i mean if u go to anyones youth they are all from same back pakistan always do jaley pey namak...."

According to Don Amit, "Since Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave decades back - Ethnic Cleansing - My take - Zero Tolerance to Communal forces."

Harpreet Singh Saini believes, "This will never end Public protest- Army fires n result people die. Center, State Govt., separatists all intervened but not able to curb this nuisance killing. We need a special police governed by special law to deal with this kind of problem n this special police doesn't fire shots which kill people but they use other modern ways to deal with the violent mob."

Aslam Wani from Kashmir stages his protest saying, "You are living in the fools paradise ..we are all separatists. Every Kashmri is a separatist ....Kashmir was and will never be a part of INDIA ...history is witness to it ..just go and read the history u know we were have our own Prime Minister up to 1965!!!"

He continues, "You can controll us by your army for the time ...but what about when they go....we will protest and protest hard peacefully ...."

While Arjun Chhabra feels talking with Pakistan will lead to a solution for Kashmir. He says, " The simple cause is our neighbour Pakistan. So d solution also lies there. Its high time wen leaders of both d countries sit together and plan out better strategies based on inteligent inputs. And this is d time wen they must take a political decision Which nation Kashmir belongs to. Enough has happend n now Kashmir n d people of Kashmir must get justice."

Umar Yaqoob says people of Kahmir should decide what they want. He says, " Let the ppl vote.....India Or AZAADI...or Azaadi...Or azaadi....or freedom.....or life."