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Scramble for a DU seat begins

delhi Updated: May 28, 2013 01:54 IST
Mallica Joshi

With the CBSE class 12 board results being declared on Monday, colleges have gone to the drawing board to collate this year's cut-off lists already. Merit certificates are distributed to the top 0.1% of all students who have passed in that subject.


English is one of the most important reference point when it comes to cut-offs in most universities, including Delhi University. This year, merit certificates have been given to students who scored more than 96 (English core) and 98 (English elective).

According to CBSE, very few students opt for elective English and core English is more popular. In core English, the merit certificates have gone down from 1,782 to 1,498 this year, a decrease of 19%.

In elective English, the decrease has been from three to two.

According to DU teachers, this means that in the top colleges, the cut-offs may not rise a lot. Since English is compulsory in most colleges, the marks may provide the balance this year.


Like last year, this year too, the number of students scoring a perfect 100 has gone down. While last year 987 students had got the merit certificate, this year the number has come down to 701.

According to experts, this may fail to bring down the cut-offs in science and commerce as the students have scored extremely well in other science and commerce subjects.

When the scoring in a number of subjects is very high, the results of the one subject that has not seen as many merit certificates comes into play.


Science students have done extremely well this year with the merit certificates in Physics, Biology and Computer Science going up by a large margin. In Chemistry, the number of certificates has gone down a little but the cut-off has increased from 99 to 100.

In Physics, the merit certificate cut-off is 98 and the certificates are 754, up from 580 last year.

In Biology, the merit certificate cut-off is 99 and the certificates are 426, up from 181 last year. In Computer Science, the cut-off is 99 and the certificates are 657, up from 378 last year.

These scores - coupled with some courses going for a B Tech degree in Delhi University -- will push up the cut-off in sciences, some believe by up to 4%.


Even a cursory glance at the commerce results shows that students have done exceedingly well in the stream. The merit certificates in all subjects are either up or comparable to last year, despite increase in the merit cut-off.

The highest jump has been seen in the Accountancy merits - from 223 last year to 403 this year.

In Business Studies, the merit certificates have gone up from 844 to 901. Only economics has seen a slight dip of 26 with 520 merit certificates being given out this year. But this is only because the merit cut-off has gone up from 98 to 99 this year.


Even in humanities, the number of students getting merit certificates has gone up, despite a rise in the cut-off for the subjects. In History, the merit cut-off has been increased from 96 to 97 but the students have still increased to 151 from 137 last year. In Political Science too, the number of students getting a certificate has gone up by 104. In Geography, too, the merits have increased.

Psychology is the only subject in which the merit certificates have come down from 111 last year to 84 this year. The humanities cut-offs in universities, especially DU, may see a slight jump.