Somnath Bharti's wife alleges he tried to kill her twice

  • Karn Pratap Singh, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 11, 2015 08:04 IST

Lipika Mitra, wife of former Delhi law minister Somnath Bharti, has alleged that he had tried to kill her twice.

In her statement recorded before a judicial magistrate on Thursday, Mitra alleged that Bharti had slit her wrist with a sharp object in front of their children. He also physically abused her, she said. The violence perpetrated by Bharti traumatised the two children so much that they remained disturbed for the next few days, Lipika is reported to have said in her statement.

She said that on March 19, 2013, Bharti had allegedly tried to strangle her while she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. A scuffle has started between the couple when Lipika asked Bharti to pay the house rent, she alleged.

“…Somnath Bharti abused me on hearing my request for the money. An argument followed and Bharti slapped me several times and also tried to strangle me…he pushed me knowing well that I was in the seventh month of my pregnancy. He then made his dog (a big labrador) attack me. While the dog attacked me, Bharti was standing and watching me getting mauled by the animal. I was bitten by the dog at multiple places on my stomach and private parts…” said Mitra in her complaint.

According to a senior officer, Mitra has provided them evidence such as photographs of her body with dog bite marks and her medical report that confirmed that she was bitten by a dog.

“Moreover, we have statements of Mitra’s neighbours who had seen her being attacked by Bharti’s dog with him watching. Also, after that incident she had sent an email to Bharti in which the entire incident was mentioned. These proofs and the fact that Bharti had a dog of that breed during that period are sufficient enough to prove him guilty in the court,” said the officer.

In her complaint, she has mentioned two instances when she had sought police’s intervention to stop Bharti or his mother from troubling her mentally and physically. On one of the occasions, she had called the police control room to rescue her domestic help who was illegally confined allegedly by Bharti at their house in Vasant Kunj.

Lipika, who has been married to the AAP MLA since 2010, alleged he cheated her saying he was the head of an international law firm and that he was financially sound.She has also accused Bharti of forcing her to abort their child.

According to Lipika’s complaint, Bharti had furnished wrong information about her in his affidavit filed during the 2015 Delhi assembly elections.

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