We have seen it all now: Monkey adopts puppy, both go viral online

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 22, 2016 20:28 IST
The monkey fights other big dogs on the streets to keep the pup safe. (The Logical Indian)

This could be the cutest thing you have seen today: A cute rhesus monkey has adopted an equally adorable puppy on a street in New Delhi.

Their pictures hit Facebook on January 14, posted by The Logical Indian, and have been liked more than 1.6 lakh times. The duo have also been featured on international websites like Time and Uproxx.

The monkey fights other big dogs on the streets to keep the pup safe, shares food with him, hops from tree to tree clutching the puppy tight and basically cuddles a lot with him.

Monkey hoping trees with the pup in its arms. (Twitter)

The Facebook post says, “Here is something to learn from this monkey. There was a strange phenomenon seen on common busy street. A monkey adopted a pup out of sheer compassion. And he protects the pup from other stray dogs. Seeing this amazing inter- species relationship and love from this guardian Monkey they were given food and there also the Monkey makes sure the pup is stomach full before eating himself. This is amazing example shown by the nature and there is lot to learn from this. Let us all be moved by love and compassion.”

Hands down the cutest thing ever. (Facebook)

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This adoption sure made our day or maybe the weekend too. Look at some more of their photos to feel the same.

Here it is fighting a stray dog. (Facebook)

You are mine, only mine. My precious. (Facebook)

Cute. Cute. Cute. (Facebook)

You can stare all you want, I ain’t give him to you. (Twitter)

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