Delhi top cop Bassi clears the air, says odd-even will be a success

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 29, 2015 16:08 IST
Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi has insisted that the police and the government are on the same page over the implementation of the odd-even restrictions on private cars in Delhi, with the city police ready to assist the AAP administration’s measure. (PTI Photo)

Amid a raging confusion that whether the Delhi government and the Delhi Police are on the same page over the implementation of the odd-even restrictions on private cars in Delhi, the city police chief on Monday said the cops will stand with the government to ensure the programme’s success.

Emphasising that the police are positive about successfully enforcing the odd-even formula in Delhi from January 1, 2016, Police commissioner BS Bassi said the police owe a duty to protect the environment and that the people should also extend their cooperation to make it work.

The commissioner asserted that there was no confusion or conflict between the police and the government and the Delhi Police is prepared to ensure the implementation of the rule.

Bassi said that he has also pointed out some practical suggestions to the Delhi government to make the plan work effectively. The police have asked the government to give them a right to impound vehicles penalised for not following the rules.

“If a woman is in a car being driven by her driver, the traffic personnel will stop the car and issue a challan to the driver. Now, in case the woman does not know how to drive, who will drive her to her destination? Also, if a person is once penalised, he will anyway have to drive back to his destination as we have no powers to impound the vehicle and the purpose will be defeated since the person will be still driving around. Hence we have asked for the right to impound the vehicle so we can lay off that particular vehicle violating the rule from the road,” the commissioner told HT.

The police have also announced that anyone who wishes to be a part of the drive and help enforce it can approach the nearest traffic office of his area and enrol as a ‘traffic warden’. The person will be trained and can extend help, he said.

Talking about the 25 exemptions made by the government, Bassi said a major chunk of people has been exempted but it should not be misused by the public.

When asked about exemption for medical emergencies and how the police will handle them, Bassi said, “I would appeal the people to be truthful for 15 days. Please do not lie about having a medical emergency as in that case, the police will have no choice but to believe you. Please cooperate as the initiative is for the betterment of the public at large.”

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