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  • Updated: Feb 25, 2003 18:47 IST

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, who is leaving his post as the highest ranking Indian American in the Bush administration since July 2001, said he is considering running for governor of Louisiana.

Jindal, who was assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services, told IANS: "I am being encouraged to do that (run for governor). The current governor has asked me to consider it."

He will work at the department till the end of next week. "I will go back to Louisiana and make a decision soon after that. I haven't made a decision yet."

According to the reputed National Journal, Jindal wrote a three-page letter to President George W Bush who appointed him, saying: "I now leave your great administration to consider an exciting leadership opportunity in my home state of Louisiana to further pursue the American dream."

A convert to Catholicism, Jindal said in his letter that he felt compelled by his faith to quit. "Just as I believe that god called me to serve my country in your administration; so too I now feel called to return to Louisiana to consider opportunities to serve families in Louisiana more directly," he wrote.

The department is grieving his departure but Indian Americans feel they have lost not just a friend in a high place but the apple of their eye in Washington.

The Louisiana-born Jindal, considered by many a miracle worker on complex administrative issues like Medicare and healthcare in general even before turning 30, is heading home to Baton Rouge.

While many are left wondering why Jindal made a decision that would generally be considered an extraordinary one by a young, highly effective, and successful political, most would agree that running for governor is a good enough reason.


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