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Amitava Sanyal

Commandos in the crosshairs

Nothing connects the word ‘commando’ to popular imagination in a more engaging manner than Commando Comics, the comic books that lit up the imagination of generations of kids, writes Amitava Sanyal.

Licence to thrill: The best of James Bond

Every small fixture of the Bond formula is debated by fans flung far. Except, perhaps, the latest title, Quantum of Solace — everyone agrees that it sucks. Amitava Sanyal tells more.

West by northwest: On the gypsy trail

It was not just Adolf Hitler who hated them. More than half a century after more than half a million of them perished in Nazi concentration camps, they remain the ‘most hated community’ in Europe, writes Amitava Sanyal.

A candle for those who lived like a flame

Even when they don’t border on the hagiographical, obituaries often tend to observe an old rule: De mortuis nil nisi bonum, writes Amitava Sanyal.

Who was the host with the most, Uncle Oscar?

Iit’s time to give out a statuette to the best host in the manner of a lifetime achievement Oscar. And my nominees for this award are...Amitava Sanyal tells more.

The readers: In their craft or sullen art

Some poems are written to be read aloud, while some others are rendered somewhat lesser when ‘performed’. The distinction is mirrored among those who take in the works — the reader-turned-listener. Amitava Sanyal tells more.

Why we should mind our neighbour’s business

One picture did for me what weeks and months of printed reports, blogged rants and clipped videos couldn’t. It slipped past my cynicism about the exaggerated sighs bemoaning Pakistan’s ‘slide’, and got me by the short-and-curly. Amitava Sanyal tells more.

No brakes please, this is breaking news

Oh, such a joy to be standing on the shore of a sea of unblinking believers. Belief, I believe, can push us into territories where reason fears to tread. Amitava Sanyal tells more.

How the paduka became a political bazooka

Hurling shoes is not a form of protest we Indians are used to. So why is every other citizen hurling them at our politicians? Amtiava Sanyal tells more.

First of its kind, cultural pact to boost arts

The cultural pact India will sign with Britain for the first time during David Cameron's current visit will be a boon for artists, art administrators and researchers in the two countries. Amitava Sanyal reports.

The different colours of Rupee

39 artists interpret the theme in various ways. And then there's Hirst. Amitava Sanyal writes.

When the Angrezi warble makes sense

This column has long held that the inane smattering of English inserted into so many Hindi songs today is not the result of human intervention. There must be some computer program throwing up the random rhymes. Amitava Sanyal writes.

Lend an ear to all the Kabirs out there

It seems there are many Kabirs out there. It’s a bit baffling, given that not much is known about the life of the late-15th, early-16th-century mystic immortalised through his songs.

Lighting the idea of Asia

Painter Jackson Pollock was once asked what constituted American art. His response was that the idea was as absurd as the “idea of creating a purely American mathematics or physics”.

Stars and their hyphenated composers

Over the last eight years, brothers Sajid and Wajid Ali have scored for nine films starring Salman Khan. It’s a combination that started with the quickly-forgotten Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge (2002) and has endured through the qualified dance-floor hits of Partner (2007) and Wanted (2009).
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