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Barkha Dutt

Pakistan's army is in overdrive

India's response to repeated ceasefire violations along the LoC must display not just determination but also deftness, writes Barkha Dutt.

When a woman undermines the horror of rape

The weakest link in the Karthik Gowda case is the woman’s desire to remain married to an alleged rapist. Accusing a man who didn’t marry you as promised or who married you and then dumped you isn't rape, argues Barkha Dutt.

The leader who won't lead: Congress' Rahul Gandhi problem

Rahul Gandhi wants to take apart the Congress’ structure and put his own architecture in place. But where are even the first signs of that process? Barkha Dutt writes.

Missing the point: when media made Vaidik news

It was a week in which more than 200 people were killed in Gaza, in which drought became a threat in India. But if you watched TV news you would think the biggest global crisis was the Vaidik-Saeed meeting, writes Barkha Dutt.

A world to convince: why a woman can't have it all

Women who manage boardrooms are still expected to keep an eye on what’s for dinner, whether the linen has been changed and whether the children have completed homework, writes Barkha Dutt.

PM’s silence on some issues has certainly been perplexing

Modi has always argued that the Constitution is his “holy book” and that law is equal for all faiths. Mohsin’s murder is the one moment, where a communicative PM cannot and must not remain either silent or ambiguous, writes Barkha Dutt.

Modi is lilkely to defy the assumptions of his advocates and critics

The decision to reach out to the Saarc heads of government, including Nawaz Sharif and Sheikh Hasina was the first sign that Modi the PM is set to be very different from Modi the Campaigner, writes Barkha Dutt.

Varanasi is a good place to start Modi’s new political innings

If Narendra Modi’s new political beginning is to be from Varanasi, he must begin a compassionate dialogue with the Muslims, writes Barkha Dutt.

The citizen is angry, but not as disconnected as before

Much like how lighting up in public came to be viewed with derision in the West, today in India the single most unfashionable thing you can do is to not vote, writes Barkha Dutt.

It's time Modi shows the strength in softness

Even if Gujarat CM Narendra Modi believes he was needlessly vilified for Gujarat riots by a hostile media, as PM aspirant, there’s nothing to stop him now from making a more visible attempt at reconciliation.

Political hypocrisy has weakened the idea of secularism

If we agree that our pluralism and diversity is at the heart of the idea of India, how have we reached a point where secularism has become almost a bad word? Barkha Dutt writes.

This election is a blowback to elitism in India

The class and cultural divide that has kept India’s elites at a safe distance from change is about to come crashing down. Barkha Dutt writes.

When will Rahul walk the talk?

If Congress vice-president wants to be a rebel and not an ‘insider’ seeking to play ‘outsider’, he should announce elections to the Congress’ top posts. Barkha Dutt writes.

PM's rare press conference was about nothing much

Had Manmohan Singh been more upfront on certain issues- admitting to some failures or taking responsibility for some mistakes- at the press briefing, there may have been some redemption for his legacy. Barkha Dutt writes.

It must be AAP to the task now

The party can lay down a distinct set of rules for itself, but very soon it will have to show us what its own design is for building the house of democracy.
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