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Elections have become a no-holds-barred slugfest

It is trivia rather than substance which rules the roost today. Epithets like ‘shehzada’ and ‘maut ka saudagar’ enter the popular consciousness far easier than reasoned arguments, writes Chanakya.

Old may be wise but young ain’t stupid

As we age, our faculties also dim and our netas ought not to make crucial decisions while somewhat incapacitated. Thus we need to be privy to their medical condition just like that of the US president.

Political inheritance is no longer a birthright

‘Blood is thicker than water’ — this was the presiding dictum in Indian politics for as long as I can remember. If you got a foothold into politics, it was up to you to bring in family members, people you could trust with your life and career.

Women’s Bill? Who are we kidding now?

The Congress, the Trinamool, the AIADMK and the BSP are all parties headed by women. But we don’t see a preponderance of women contesting seats from any of these parties.

AAP leader Kejriwal is recycling old whines in new bottles

Arvind Kejriwal had no intention of bringing in good governance in Delhi. I am beginning to wonder if Kejriwal really has something to tell us beyond lashing out at people.

'Jaya hoping to win as many seats as possible by freeing Rajiv Killers'

The fact that, if you are a murderer but of a particular ethnicity, there will be a political leader who will plead that you walk free for political gains, sends out a wrong signal.

Crass and violent behaviour over Telangana issue wasn't called for

I can only hope that some poor deluded nation does not decide to send a study team, the sort we regularly send out from here, to come and observe Indian democracy at close quarters in Parliament. Because the hapless team will go back stunned at how our Parliament works at times.

Third alternative idea is based on wrong assumptions and a statistical impossibility

No alliance can cross the halfway mark in the Lok Sabha without the support of either of the two big parties. And despite their projected resistance, the fact is that all these parties have happily cohabited with both the national parties on various occasions.

Don’t blame Raghuram Rajan for economic slowdown

The primary reason for the dismal rate of growth is the collapse of the investment cycle. The reasons for this collapse can be traced back to the political economy. Chanakya writes.

BJP has a strong leader in Modi who can carry the day

If Narendra Modi continues to chart his own course, he will have gone where no BJP leader has dared go before. He will have let the BJP take its first baby steps without the RSS at its elbow. Chanakya writes.

Third Front with AAP leading could do the needed trick

A third front with regional leaders has an inbuilt self-destruct mechanism. But if AAP, shorn of any ideology, were to be its guiding light, god knows, it just might work, writes Chanakya.

Ready, steady, slow, Cong sets off

The Congress was the original party of the aam aadmi. But thanks to its cavalier attitude and lethargy, AAP picked up the term and ran with it. And with spectacular success. Chanakya writes.

Netas cannot be a different species lording it over us anymore

The Politician can no longer come up with omnibus promises . He has to get down to the wire and address specific issues. Big talk of national good no longer finds any resonance. Chanakya writes.

Narendra Modi must go beyond Congress bashing

The BJP is not short on talent. Why does its PM candidate Narendra Modi not put himself onto the backburner for a bit and tell the people about the talent he has in his armoury? Chanakya writes.

Kejriwal should be exploring all viable options for forming a govt

Why is Kejriwal, who came riding on his steed, felling mighty oaks along the way not putting together a government? It was a mandate for change, and it was very much a mandate for the AAP. Chanakya writes.
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