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Old's not always gold

We need to stop this veneration of the tried and tested. At times, young ministers should be given important portfolios. Chanakya writes.

Don’t make light of it

Coming as it did in a sticky season, the power shutdown will only precipitate the slide of India's image. Chanakya writes. 

Ring out the old

The perception that Akhilesh is tied to daddy's apron strings is reinforced when Yadav senior pulls him up in public. Chanakya writes.

With friends like Didi

If there is one Indian politician closest in demeanour to the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, it would be Mamata Banerjee, Chanakya writes.

We need retail therapy

Reforms in India have reached adulthood after a prolonged two decades of adolescent angst. It is about time we realise that with this comes greater responsibility: to see that modern aspirations, and the means to achieving them, are cast wider for a nation of young Indians, Chanakya writes.

My way or the highway

I feel that in the best interests of the party and himself, Narendra Modi should stop being so much of a control freak. Chanakya writes.

Keep the fleet grounded

No one will pay a good price for Air India. The solution is to privatise it, and If need be allot shares to public sector banks, Chanakya writes.

Singh does it yet again

The odds on the two occasions that prime minister Manmohan Singh has taken a big political gamble have been in favour of his government. Chanakya writes.

I do, but terms apply

A coalition should be a marriage in which a pre-nuptial agreement has been signed stating which issues will be absolute deal-breakers. Chanakya writes.

Once more with feeling

The BJP does not have the big idea, the pithy slogan, one that can electrify crowds like Indira Gandhi's garibi hatao or the UPA's aam aadmi mantra. Chanakya writes.

From trot to canter

The fact that the Cabinet has cleared 44 proposals in three meetings shows that some of the resistance is ebbing, Chanakya writes.

Eat a bit of humble pie

Kejriwal has handed over a ticking bomb to the Congress and BJP. They should defuse it and prove to people that they are willing to change. Chanakya writes.

Grounded on the runway

Vijay Mallya saw too late that Indians' approach to flying was 'get me from point A to point B for as little as you can, preferably on time'. Chanakya writes.

Entering the last lap

The government has put in the front seat a number of people who can take it forward. It’s time goals are set for the next several months, writes Chanakya.

Beyond good enough

Whatever some may say the end of a period when the US acted more like a miser than a maestro is in India's interest. Chanakya writes.
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