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Leading from the front in a horse-drawn buggy

It is clear that our Third Front aspirants have not understood much from the recent polls. Their brand of poverty politics has no takers ... Their double standards have no takers.

Indian politics is changing: Right is the new left

Whenever fashion mavens decide to favour a particular colour for formal wear in any season, we hear the term tangerine/red/fuschia is the new black. Similarly, in the Indian political context, the Right is the new Left, writes Chanakya.

Our memorial culture must be buried now

This, in a country where a vast number of people don’t even have a roof over their heads. Our netas forget that they are meant to serve the public, opting to hop on the gravy train forever once elected, writes Chanakya.

We need Modi’s brand of shock and awe

Yes, the Prime Minister of India could have avoided schmoozing with the likes of Jay-Z at the Global Citizen Festival at Central Park, New York, but at the end of the day, you are talking about it, aren’t you? Asks Chanakya.

China doesn’t take India seriously, at least not yet

Does anyone compare the United States to Mexico? Beijing sees only Washington as its peer. India barely makes it to the third tier of nations in China’s rankings, Chanakya writes.

Small steps, wise planning key to economy's 'achche din'

We need to drum up 100 million jobs over the next decade or so to enter the league of developed nations. But gloom and doom will visit us if we fail to provide employment to our burgeoning youth, Chanakya writes.

The BJP should know when its advice breaches a red line

The BJP needs the RSS rank and file, the RSS chief is given a lot of importance by the party. But it should know when its well-meaning advice breaches a red line. Bhagwat has breached it several times recently.

CSAT to GM food: Govt must stop surrendering to street protesters

The NDA is as vulnerable to street protests, whether from within the formation or outside it, as its predecessor was. Instead of capitulating, it must stand by its convictions, writes Chanakya.

Budget 2014: Before the achhe din, here comes the big squeeze

Finance minister Arun Jaitley’s first budget will hold out cues on how the govt plans to deliver on some of its poll promises. It can well kick off the economy’s great come-from-behind feat.

BJP has to leave no room for doubt about its intentions

The government should use its media skills and make its position clear on issues like the temple and the situation of the minorities. Otherwise, the Hindutva loony fringe will triumph, writes Chanakya.

For Modi, it's a beginning in line with the mandate

It was essential to give a young nation a youthful cabinet, and this was done, at least in relative terms. After promises of minimum government, Modi had to keep things tight.

Jaya, Maya, Mamata may hold the aces after May 16

J Jayalalithaa, Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati, if all goes according to current trends, will make or break the fortunes of the person who aspires to the throne in Delhi.

Elections have become a no-holds-barred slugfest

It is trivia rather than substance which rules the roost today. Epithets like ‘shehzada’ and ‘maut ka saudagar’ enter the popular consciousness far easier than reasoned arguments, writes Chanakya.

Old may be wise but young ain’t stupid

As we age, our faculties also dim and our netas ought not to make crucial decisions while somewhat incapacitated. Thus we need to be privy to their medical condition just like that of the US president.

Political inheritance is no longer a birthright

‘Blood is thicker than water’ — this was the presiding dictum in Indian politics for as long as I can remember. If you got a foothold into politics, it was up to you to bring in family members, people you could trust with your life and career.
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