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US slips in adopting computer products

According to the new ?Global Digital Living? report the honour belongs to Taiwan and South Korea, writes Deepak Mankar.

Blog: Power of corporate communication

A corporate blog is an interesting tool to connect with the customer and yet be able to control the conversation, writes Puneet Mehrotra.

Google is Google. Say what you may

The price paid for too much corporate success is an ever lengthening and winding queue of green-eyed detractors, writes Deepak Mankar.

Good tonic. Offshoring for pharma

So far the pharmaceutical industry in the West has been fighting shy of offshoring work, writes Deepak Mankar.

Internet telephony is calling

Internet telephony is the future and inevitably organizations would have to make a shift towards it, writes Puneet Mehrotra.

Developments in Nanotech

Nanotechnology the science of small things is becoming really big, writes Puneet Mehrotra.

You see what you need to see

People spend, on average, less than one second viewing display/graphical treatment ads, writes Deepak Mankar.

Money down the drain?

Dot-com millionaires who invested in Africa to empower the poor have come to realise their efforts were a non-starter, writes Deepak Mankar.

Censoring the blog

Can information be censored in this age and time of ours? Are blogs spreading unhealthy information? asks Puneet Mehrotra.

Register. Or, else!

Reading Steve Outing's February 20 post in E-Media Tidbits poynter was like music to my ears, if you'll pardon the mixed-up simile, writes Deepak Mankar.

Consumer electronics in India

The Indian consumer electronics market was worth $3.4 billion in 2005, 14 per cent higher than the previous year, writes Deepak Mankar.

Trivia on the web

Puneet Mehrotra writes about the best dumb sites he has come across on the Internet.

The emotional computer

A machine that can read your mind. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well, it could become a reality within the next few years, writes Puneet Mehrotra.

Google and future of eBay & Paypal

Google has expanded its online payment service so that users can buy and sell everything, from clothes to recipes, on Google Base, writes Puneet Mehrotra.

One billion online

An eMarketer report which you and I cannot afford to buy tells us that this year one billion people worldwide will have access to the World Wide Web, writes Deepak Mankar.
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