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The food security Bill will make us financially more insecure

The UPA’s decision to introduce the food security Bill seems to lack financial prudence (Revised food bill gets cabinet nod, March 20). The finance minister had contained the 2012-13 fiscal deficit by cutting development allocations, but it now seems clear that the deficit will only widen because of the additional burden of Rs. 130 lakh crore which food security will necessitate. Moreover, coming at a time when anti-incumbency is at a high, it seems unlikely that parties like the Samajwadi Party and the BSP will allow the Congress to pass such a populist bill.
R Natarajan, Chennai

We need a more educated approach

In his article Still not in a class of their own (March 20), C Raj Kumar rightly mentions that when compared to foreign institutions, Indian universities fail to make the grade. With disinterested students, temporary teachers and a job-oriented curriculum, academic excellence often takes a back- seat. Indian educationists must take the right steps to improve our education system, right from the primary level to the university.
DR Gulati, via email

Renewing the plea for mercy

With reference to Harsh Mander’s article Avoid the hate trap (Democracy Wall, March 20), I find myself in perfect agreement with the author and his line of thought. The list of our woes might indeed diminish if we started tempering justice with mercy. For society to be kinder and fairer, as Mander has hoped, it is essential that we inculcate in ourselves the virtue of compassion. It might seem like a stretch, but empathy can contribute significantly to our sense of security, while also bringing us much needed closure.
Azhar A Khan, Lucknow

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