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Gautam Chikermane

How to turn high net worth snobbery into higher net worth

We are surrounded by everything foreign — and a plethora of colours that cry, styles that suck, at prices that are beyond our middle-class sensibilities. In other words, utter rubbish. Gautam Chikermane elaborates.

Sex, gurus and conscience keepers

“I have decided to live a life of spiritual seclusion,” Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda said in a March 31 video statement, in response to his being caught with his dhoti up in a video relayed all over the world on Youtube, writes Gautam Chikermane. Read more...

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Why only FM can resolve the SEBI-IRDA war, and save consumers

One juicy bone — a Rs. 135,000-crore product called unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) that raised Rs. 44,611 crore from 1.7 million policies between April 2009 and February 2010, writes Gautam Chikermane.

Can religion be defamed?

If god is truly how religions define him, I believe he can neither be insulted nor appeased. He is simultaneously the beginning and the end. He is the past, the present and the future. He is the small part of everything we see, and the vast beyond we don’t, writes Gautam Chikermane. Read more...
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Five points where religion meets finance

As I sit down to explore religion, I find five things common to the way I first sat down to discover economics and finance, 18 years ago. What I find is that if money is the prime driver of men, faith...Read more
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Financial services industry needs to take a ride down Taipei 101

As the Toshiba elevator ascended, my ears felt a dull but familiar pressure, not unlike an aircraft taking off. I looked up and saw floor after floor turning into a digital haze, writes Gautam Chikermane.

The art of war

An accessible, faithful Mahabharata at a time when Sanskrit has all but disappeared from our consciousness, in a space where the future has more ‘utility’ than the past, among people who don’t read beyond text messages and 140-character tweets, writes Gautam Chikermane about The Mahabharata: Volume I.

Neither capitalism nor socialism, it’s time to build Indiaism

The age of free markets and whether countries ought to pursue them blindly, taking the US as a benchmark, is over. In the tug-of-war between US President Barack Obama and Wall Street, the tide is slowly turning towards consumers, writes Gautam Chikermane.

Boobquaked in Tehran, veiled in Belgium, and Biked out in Delhi

The last thing Islam needed was to turn itself into a joke that would have been funny had it not been serious. Already under siege over issues ranging from extremism and its anti-women stance, here’s the latest that the global press picked up on one of the religion’s half-crazed leaders’ full-crazed words of wisdom, writes Gautam Chikermane. Read more...
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No gassing around

Anil Ambani. Murli Deora. Mukesh Ambani. Three men, who have hogged the headlines over the past five years were on Friday respectively crestfallen, satisfied and invisible, writes Gautam Chikermane.

The Indian way is littered with inefficiency management & culture

To expect that every citizen would have all the information possible in a country as illiterate and with so little access as India is irrational, writes Gautam Chikermane.

Vulgarity isn’t the vocabulary of the faithful

Does reacting to religion have to be necessarily in a language that’s largely profane, vulgar, cheap? And do sane voices have to be silenced because they cannot engage with the crude?, asks Gautam Chikermane. Read on...

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Time to cap paranoia

On my shopping list for tomorrow: a skull cap. Although it will be the rebel in me who will buy — and don — the cap, this action has been forced upon me by an unthinking society whose nerves have been battered by a media barrage that has, in one quick and constantly-amplifying stroke of 911, labelled all Muslims as terrorists, writes Gautam Chikermane. Read more 

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State of ban is bane of state

The link between repressive regimes and banning of information — the new currency of social, economic, political and religious interactions — is tyrannical at worst, fragile at best, writes Gautam Chikermane. Read more...
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Facebook for Muslims or religious capitalism

And as Bangladesh follows Pakistan in banning Facebook for inviting people to draw images of Prophet Mohammed, it looks like a losing battle for free speech in Islamic countries, writes Gautam Chikermane. Read More...
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