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Gautam Chikermane

To make the Toronto Summit effective, attack the incentive system

The old system that asphyxiated consumer credit and asset lines to destroy homes and dreams of the many while allowing the moneyed to buy yachts and villas at Monte Negro is gone. Let’s hope G20 realises this at Toronto and fixes this unexplored epicentre of the ongoing financial crisis, writes Gautam Chikermane.

Halal clone: Facebook’s new rival

“A ghetto? No… no… no.” That’s 25-year-old Omer Zaheer Meer, CEO of Millatfacebook, an Islamic social networking website launched nine days after Pakistan banned Facebook for not removing a page that invited people to draw Prophet Mohammed, an act considered blasphemous by Muslims, reports Gautam Chikermane.

Three big deals and the second transformation of Indian telecom

If there was an award for a biggest possible telecom deals being closed in the shortest possible time, it would have gone to the week ending June 12. I would call it the week that transformed India’s telecom — again, writes Gautam Chikermane.

Islam has a branding problem, says Millatfacebook CEO

I was curious about what’s going on in the mind of the men who launched Millatfacebook — a Facebook-wannabe for Muslims. So, I contacted Lahore-based Omer Zaheer Meer, the CEO of Global IT Vision (Pvt) Ltd, the company that launched Millatfacebook. Gautam Chikermane writes. Read more
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Will science ever explore spirituality?

It is difficult to negotiate physics and astronomy — particularly the origin of creation — without intersecting with God and religion. Elaborates Gautam Chikermane. Read more

Are we losing the plot in Kashmir?

...but India’s quiet voice loud & clear

For a country that’s the poorest among the 19 nations (I’m excluding the European Commission) that comprise the Group of 20 in terms of per capita income, India, over the past 19 months has been able to get a substantially larger voice-share in the four summits, writes Gautam Chikermane.

ULIP handover lacks legitimacy

Just what does the government's June 18 ordinance that has handed over the regulation of ULIPs to Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority tell us about India's democratic process? That it has been needlessly breached. Gautam Chikermane writes.

One winning lesson that leaders can learn from Argentina’s defeat

Every four years I get out of my sports slumber and wake up to the excitement of the World Cup. There is an invisible and somewhat absurd thrill I get out of watching countries that we studied about only in our geography class take up leadership positions on the field.

Still and silent spirit of martial arts

More than a quarter of a century after thoroughly enjoying the original 1984 Karate Kid — and watching it repeatedly on TV over the years — the 2010 Karate Kid turned out to be more than just a nostalgic walk through memory. The film explores the many facets of courage — and spirituality. Gautam Chikermane elaborates.

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In the politics of protest, the Bandh is way past its use-by date

Don’t know how to put it but if I were to use a word, it would be: Outdated. For the India of tomorrow, the political establishment is disappointingly out of sync. Steeped in the old, with no sense of reference to a future that has already happened, the ‘political’ has virtually disengaged with the ‘economy’, writes Gautam Chikermane.

Look who’s asphyxiating free speech now

Last week saw free speech being smothered. Again. Nothing new, you might say. This blog has been tracking — and condemning — any kind of assault on an individual’s freedom of expression, particularly in the name of religion. Gautam Chikermane writes. Read more

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CAG aims sweeping powers

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has sought sweeping changes in its mandate, including free and unfettered access to official records within a specified time-frame, greater powers to look into the functioning of over a dozen regulators and empowerment to audit public-private-partnership projects. Gautam Chikermane & Gaurav Choudhury report.

Inception: stunning blend of science, special effects — and spirituality

Easily the best film of the year, Christopher Nolan's Inception is a must-watch — twice or thrice on big screen — and must-DVD. It binds science and spirituality in a manner so seamless that it left me marvelling at its genius, writes Gautam Chikermane.


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Warriors of faith at Govardhan

A Sunday morning image of hundreds of men swarming on a train like bees revived memories of a time when I had gone on an assignment to the religious quartet comprising Vrindavan, Gokul, Mathura and Govardhan, in Braj. Gautam Chikermane writes.
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To ride the 10% GDP growth, we must fight entrenched interests

Extrapolations are easy. On spreadsheets they are easier. And when you take that ease and look into the future for a decade or two, the results are delightful, optimistic, confidence-inspiring.
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