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Indrajit Hazra

CIL's Rs. 12k-crore IPO to depend on market conditions

Indicating that the initial public offering for Coal India Limited could be postponed beyond August, the government today said that it will wait for good market conditions to launch it.

Love is in the air

The very moment Courtney Love drawls and crawls her way into the first track on Nobody’s Daughter, you’ll have the urge to throw a large bouquet of roses at her, writes Indrajit Hazra.

Kicking that habit

The genuine possibility of the Left not ruling Bengal next year is as surreal to me as that of America becoming a Third World nation to a communist, writes Indrajit Hazra.

No one should see red

In view of the alarming reaction to the impending publication of The Red Sari in India, I would like to categorically state that it was never my intention to bruise the feelings of Sonia Gandhi, her relatives or members of the Congress (Cong hits back at Spanish writer, says his book full of falsehoods, June 5).

1986: A love story

If I look at it dispassionately, 1986 wasn’t a good year. I was still in high school, not junior enough to remain oblivious each time a girl from another school sat next to me in the pool bus, not senior enough to do anything about it.

Heat and gas

Since public interest in the Bhopal gas tragedy and in former Union Carbide Chairman Warren Anderson’s ‘safe passage’ has been resuscitated after the recent court verdict, I have been eager to take a look at, if not actually meet, Arjun Singh. Indrajit Hazra writes.

COC & bull theory

As the head of COC, the queen should have at least sent a Corgi or two. But no. Instead of a couple of cute dogs that may have gone in heat in the Delhi heat, she sends Buckingham Palace’s resident David Hasselhoff. Indrajit Hazra writes.

One track mind

Is the ‘new’ Jimi Hendrix album dated? It’s a valid question not only because all but one of the dozen tracks in this album were recorded in 1969 (one song was recorded in 1967), but also because most of the numbers, in other takes and forms, have been around, scattered in previous releases since the extraordinary guitarist-songwriter-singer’s death in 1970. Indrajit Hazra writes.


György Ligeti, known to most folks with good ears as the Hungarian composer whose music Stanley Kubrick extensively used in his film 2001: A Space Odyssey, wrote Atmosphères in 1961 for large orchestra. Indrajit Hazra writes.

One big cover-up

The reaction of the authorities at Aliah University have been remarkably similar to that of liberal members of society at large. ‘It’s the Muslim burqa we’re talking about here. Indrajit Hazra writes.

We, the bad guys

You don’t have to be a Kashmiri pundit to realise that a new generation of Kashmiris are thrashing out against a high-handed ‘shut up or we shoot’ force, writes Indrajit Hazra.

In Tibet, only Lonely Planet carries a statutory warning

Indrajit Hazra is in Tibet. While beating down altitude sickness and the urge to talk about the Dalai Lama, he brings you the little bits he gets to see over the next four days in Lhasa.

Yoghurt and beer paths to salvation

It's a bit like our Lassi festival. Ok, so we don't have a Lassi festival, but the lines of people winding their way up to the Drepung monastery to celebrate Shoton, the Tibetan Yogurt festival, have all the signs of a Kumbh.

Of true belief and authentic festivities

'Beware of bumping into things' warns the sign above the door of the Residence of Lungsha. I'm inside the sprawling grounds of the Potala Palace, the old winter headquarters of the Dalai Lama that in its rectangular grandeur is a red-and-white version of Castle Dracula overlooking Lhasa city.

Good woman of Sangzhulin and other sojourns

I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable sitting inside 61-year-old Pasang’s living room in Sangzhulin village outside Lhasa, sipping on barley wine she’s served. Her face, with its creased lines, is a picture of radiant grandmotherly comfort.
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