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Inner Voice

Spiritual way to change

Recently, in a TV debate, the topic was: ‘The rising graph of evil in society and the possible ways to reverse it.’

Live an effortless life

It is a common belief in this world that nothing can be achieved without struggle. So if one wants to be at peace, just become a master of the self and in the process get rid of all hardships without any struggle. Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj writes.

The meaning of success

Success means many wonderful, positive things. It means personal prosperity, a fine home, vacations, travel, new things, financial security and giving your children maximum advantages. David J Schwartz writes.

Focus on renunciation

Most of us are caught in the web of worldly delusion. We are unmindful of the lurking dangers and are content in the bondage of materialistic life.

Quest for spirituality

King Bhartrihari was a legendary king of India. Savant, scholar and benevolent monarch, his was a golden period.

Ignite your mind

I have an experience to tell you. It was 1955 and I was in the second year of my course in aeronautical engineering in Madras Institute of Technology. A team of students was working on a project, designing a low-level attack aircraft. APJ Abdul Kalam writes.

Flex your mental muscles

People all over the world tone-up their physical bodies to keep them fit and sturdy. Medical science says our muscles become less efficient if not flexed regularly. Hence, people go to gymnasiums, yoga classes, etc to remain strong and supple. Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj writes.

Pangs of attachment

Years ago, Mohd Rafi sang in Pyassa, 'Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai.' (Even if one gets this world, what is there in it?) Shahajahan built Taj Mahal in 22 years, and soon his own son Aurangzeb imprisoned him. Taj Mahal is still standing after 400 years but Shahajahan is not. Ravindra Kumar reports.

Big is beautiful

We are told to think big and grow big. Only thinking big gives one the kick-start to be on the path of great achievements. PP Wangchuk reports.

Let heart rule the mind

The original condition of mind and heart is perfect. The unconditioned mind listens to the heart and delights in the miracles of daily life, savours each taste, enjoys each breath, looks quite spontaneously with eyes of love and rolls down tears on the cheeks in the moments of pain and compassion.

Learn to love irritations

A man consulted a well-known psychiatrist as his marriage and career were in trouble. His problem was his constant irritability and bad temper. Though he was concerned about it, if any one tried to discuss it with him, he exploded in anger. Ishmit Oberoi writes.

The happiness myth

Happiness can be best called a myth since we can’t agree on its definition. But one thing is for sure, Happiness is not the absence of sadness. PP Wangchuk writes.

Fortune kisses the brave

Usually fear dictates our actions and determines what we can achieve. We cannot make any right attempts for fear of failure. We cannot put forth our creative ideas for fear of being ridiculed. MN Kundu writes.

Light up yourself first

What you see in others - good, bad or ugly - is simply a mirror reflection of yourself. For you to be able to recognise a weakness, or see strength in others means that you have to have at least a trace of it in yourself. Ishmit Oberoi writes.

There is goodness in contradictions

The jumble of life is woven with compulsions and contradictions. Life is neither completely abstract nor fully absolute. It's rather a unique composition imbued with soft, medium and shrill tones.
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