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Karan Thapar
Karan Thapar
  • The cold facts of the Emergency are chilling: 34,988 people were detained under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act whilst 75,818 were held under the Defence of India rules
  • Jun 27, 2015 23:38 IST

    Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for our liberties

    The cold facts of the Emergency are chilling: 34,988 people were detained under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act whilst 75,818 were held under the Defence of India rules

  • Lalit Modi and Sushma Swaraj
    Jun 21, 2015 01:03 IST

    We need explanations, not just your tweets, Mrs Swaraj

    Sushma Swaraj is innocent until proven guilty. But is staying silent the right step at this point of time. Karan Thapar asks 10 questions to the union minister in the middle of mess.

  • Narendra Modi
    Jun 13, 2015 23:15 IST

    Gentle, demure, soft, but then that's just not our tune , is it?

    The prime minister and I have at least one thing in common: we both like blowing our trumpets! Quite frankly, I can’t deny it’s music to my ears. I’m pretty sure he likes the sound for much the same reason too writes Karan Thapar.

  • pic 28
    Jun 06, 2015 22:17 IST

    A long hot summer is in store for our brave ex-servicemen!

    If you study the comments by the defence and finance ministers, and the prime minister over the last few weeks you can’t help feel this is a classic case of ministers getting the message wrong. As a result they’ve made a difficult situation decidedly worse. Read on and see if you agree with this conclusion.

  • Narendra Modi
    May 30, 2015 22:56 IST

    It’s always reassuring when the Centre can hold steady

    You might find this amusing but the thought that came to my mind on Mr Modi’s first anniversary is the more things change the more they stay the same. This may sound rhetorical but it’s also a revelatory truth.

  • Narendra Modi
    May 23, 2015 21:37 IST

    The nation had the company of Mr Modi each day of the year

    What Mr Modi should never forget is that, outside of his opponents in politics, even his critics want him to succeed for the simple reason he’s the only Prime Minister we have and India can’t afford to stumble or lag behind, writes Karan Thapar.

  • Ed Miliband
    May 16, 2015 23:07 IST

    Grace in defeat: What Indian politicos can learn from Britain polls

    Within hours of the result —in fact even before the sun had set — three political party leaders resigned. They were Ed Miliband of Labour, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats and Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party. They accepted moral responsibility even though they were not personally to blame.

  • May 10, 2015 00:20 IST

    Modi must grit his teeth and smile at the same time

    I’m afraid Mr Modi is caught between two equally compelling forces — the anguish of unfulfilled expectations and the power of outspoken criticism and dissent. As he approaches his first anniversary, I doubt if they will make for a comfortable celebration, writes Karan Thapar.

  • Narendra Modi
    May 02, 2015 23:30 IST

    Where were you when the Nepal earthquake took place?

    People remember what they’re doing when the earth starts to shake. I’m pretty confident if you do a test you’ll discover I’m right. Everyone who’s been through an earthquake will remember when it happened.

  • Apr 25, 2015 22:25 IST

    Well begun, Mr Gandhi, but the jury is still out on this

    Has Rahul Gandhi returned a new, reinvigorated and forceful politician? Or are first impressions beguiling but deceptive? The Congress party has no doubt the answer is a resounding yes. But that’s to be expected.

  • Modi in France
    Apr 18, 2015 22:23 IST

    The rules of dress diplomacy should apply to Mr Modi too

    What has Mr Modi got against ties? Is it okay for the prime minister to dress ‘inappropriately’? And is this a suitable subject for public comment? These are the three questions I wish to tackle this Sunday morning.

  • Beijing to allow visa-free transit trips
    Apr 04, 2015 22:26 IST

    It’s actually visa on four days’ notice before arrival

    I’ve just stumbled upon a small but significant and, I would add, critical discovery. What the government proudly boasts of as visas on arrival is actually nothing of the sort.

  • Doctor
    Mar 28, 2015 23:11 IST

    A simple conclusion: Medicine is a truly noble profession

    I’m aware that it’s only when you, or someone you love, is unwell that you realise the importance of doctors and nurses. But that’s not quite my subject today. Instead, I want to draw your attention to a quality that reveals itself after doctors and nurses become critical: the goodness we take for granted. It’s what we all rely on but often do not see or, at least, fully appreciate.

  • Katrina
    Mar 21, 2015 21:36 IST

    What politicians need to learn from Katrina Kaif

    It may come as a surprise but talking about yourself is not as easy as you might think. No doubt all of us can natter to our friends or family and we’re never short of things to say. But I’m talking of a formal interview where you are the subject of the discussion. That’s when it can be difficult to be either convincing or charming.

  • Mar 14, 2015 22:27 IST

    Trying to hide a reality we don’t know how to face up to

    Most people I know have rubbished the arguments for banning the BBC documentary on the Nirbhaya rape and, instinctively, they are right to do so. However, in this instance, it’s worth examining the handful of moral reasons for a ban as well as the one legal reason a little carefully so we’re sure our instinct is right.