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Karan Thapar

Rahul Gandhi’s worst enemy is Rahul himself

Would you agree that sometimes Rahul Gandhi can be his own worst enemy. Yes, if you consider the things he has said in his recent speeches or the earlier press conference that scuppered the government’s ordinance. Karan Thapar writes.

The many woes that plague the CBI

Absence of autonomy is not the only affliction the CBI suffers from. Its handling of the Birla-Parakh episode suggests the rot runs significantly deeper. Karan Thapar writes.

The system weathered the raging Cyclone Phailin

Only rarely do journalists in India write in praise. If I’m honest, such sentiments get stuck in our throat. However, the smooth and very successful response to Cyclone Phailin cries out for applause. Karan Thapar writes.

Today, honesty is a diminishing virtue

Imagine my surprise when on Sunday (September 8) I discovered that The Express and Mail Today had done identical interviews, with Kamal Nath making exactly the same point. Was this a coincidence? Or was it just conceivable they had seen the news clips and the excerpts and decided to put the same question to Kamal Nath so they could claim he had given the same answer to them as well? In other words, had they cleverly converted our interview into their own?

Lessons the Army can teach Mr Modi

Modi speech last Sunday was a telling example of how he can be right and yet trip himself. To a mammoth crowd he said that the Indian Army is our finest example of secularism. He’s absolutely right. Karan Thapar writes.

No good for VK Singh or for the Army

Is there a possibility Gen Bikram Singh designed this inquiry to deliberately target his predecessor because he believes Gen VK Singh attempted to thwart his appointment as Army Chief? Karan Thapar writes.

Neither Narendra Modi nor Rahul Gandhi should be PM

If there’s one thing you expect of those who could be prime minister it’s a sense of judgement. Last week I realised that our two most likely candidates don’t seem to have it. Karan Thapar writes.

A gift for our troubled times

There is one particular form of ‘goodness’ I want to draw your attention to. It’s a wonderful book that was recently gifted to me and which I cannot stop looking at. Karan Thapar writes.

Criticism is not contempt

The time has come for us to redefine contempt. We don’t need to protect the position or reputation of judges, writes Karan Thapar.

The right to frighten

The government has both a right and a duty to warn off smokers. And if a warning has to be effective, it has to be stark, even disturbing, writes Karan Thapar.

Is there a duty to discourage?

Whilst smoking is dangerous and, for many it’s been fatal, aren’t alcohol, fatty foods and obsessive exercise also unhealthy? Karan Thapar examines...

In defence of Prince Philip

I admire Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh because he’s often right on his jibes. It’s just that his audience — or his critics — are paralyzed by political correctness, lack of wit or both, writes Karan Thapar.

Let’s listen to Mulford

If Barrack Obama is President the nuclear deal will face a potential opponent in the White House rather than an advocate like Bush, writes Karan Thapar.

Bonds that won’t break

Despite the rivalry, animosities and a thousand misunderstandings, India and Pakistan have a lot in common as they are locked in a relationship neither can break, writes Karan Thapar. Read more ...
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