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Namita Bhandare

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is a charismatic enigma

Compared to the geeky earnestness of her brother, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is a star. Her belated entry will not stop a likely UPA defeat, but you have to credit her with putting up a fight, writes Namita Bhandare.

The page 3 election

A slap on Arvind Kejriwal's face or Narendra Modi's admission of his marriage to Jashodaben attracts more attention than real issues. Has any other poll been so dominated by personalities, asks Namita Bhandare.

A very tiny stepping stone

A slim optimism lies in the start to a conversation of a changed India, an India where women outnumbered men as voters in all five of the recently held assembly elections.

Nota just a symbolic act

With very few exceptions, politics no longer attracts the brightest and the cleanest. In an environment where we assume sab neta chor hain we opt for the least unattractive.

A ruinous law of omerta

Paid news undermines democracy. Yet, as a sting operation goes public, why aren’t we more concerned?

Intolerance has become India's national sport

We attack students because they look a certain way, we hound out Africans from neighbourhoods because ‘they are not like us’, we tie up books in lengthy litigation because we find their ideas unpalatable. This has become our national sport. Namita Bhandare writes.

Keep a distance from the mob

AAP’s failure would be a severe setback to any future would-be reformer. And any success of its increasingly visible vigilante-style politics will send absolutely the wrong signal of a ‘success formula’ to rival parties. Namita Bhandare writes.

Time to say ‘enough’ to sexual harassment

Men say they are scared by this new environment. Far too many women have lived in fear of the old environment. It’s time to pack the dinosaurs off to the museum, writes Namita Bhandare.

Akhilesh’s apathy towards UP riots victim is bewildering

The SP deserves to lose. That’s a small compensation for those who live under open skies in the Muzaffarnagar riot relief camps, scrambling to rebuild what is left of their lives. Namita Bhandare writes.

AAP's stunning debut shows that the voter wants a new narrative

Delhi voters — four lakh of whom were voting for the first time — have signalled that they are done with old-style politics. What they want is a new story-teller who speaks a new language.

I will vote as a woman

Political parties are slowly realising that women constitute the largest vote-bank and they need to at least look concerned. But, dressed-up manifestos and sops like saris and pressure cookers won’t cut it any longer. Namita Bhandare writes.

A new courage, a new defiance: changing the status quo

Sexual harassment is an abuse of power, a betrayal of trust and one of India’s worst-kept secrets. But one thing has changed, and it is the refusal of an increasing number of women to remain silent, writes Namita Bhandare.

India's enduring fascination with godmen

Caught in a shadowy time between tradition and globalisation, post liberalised India's fascination for godmen continues. Namita Bhandare writes.

At stake is the dignity of Dalit women

The national conversation, dominated by temples, toilets, has no patience for stories of Dalit women who face humiliation daily. Given the measly media coverage, their stories cause no outrage. Namita Bhandare writes.

Idealism, where has it gone?

From smartphones to cars, GenX has everything but not a hero in sight. Namita Bhandare writes.
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