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Namita Bhandare

Not proud to be an Indian

The attack on an African student underlines our prejudice against 'outsiders'. Namita Bhandare writes.

It's time to say enough

Let the Guwahati molestation case be the tipping point for change. Namita Bhandare writes.

We must reverse the tide

For value education to succeed, the first lessons must begin at home. Namita Bhandare writes.

All spit and no polish

It isn't tough to instil civic sense. We just need political will and responsible people. Namita Bhandare writes.

Do you know Hosanagara?

Hosanagara Nagaraje Gowda Girisha is praying for gold in 2016. If you're asking, 'Hosanagara who?' then you're probably not alone.  Namita Bhandare writes.

Survivors, not victims

Women want rape to be treated as an awful crime, minus the added sting of honour. Namita Bhandare writes.

Don’t defend the indefensible

A spate of rapes is not the occasion to score political brownie points. Instead of blaming women for crimes against them, maybe it’s time to start putting blame where it belongs. Namita Bhandare writes.

Arguments are liberating

The problem is not that women have views. The problem is they don't find expression. Namita Bhandare writes.

It’s a dangerous precedent

The sudden ban on the entry of women by the trustees at Haji Ali could set a very dangerous precedent. If women are excluded today, it could be non-Muslims tomorrow. Namita Bhandare writes.

He has had the last laugh

In death, people have ceased to be objective about late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray. Namita Bhandare writes.

Roosting place for pigeons

A memorial is not just about building the tallest, biggest, grandest statue. Namita Bhandare writes.

A tipping point for change

A terrible thing happened to a girl who was trying to get back home after a movie. To not respond or speak or rage or demand change would make us less than human, writes Namita Bhandare.

Crises call for leadership

What citizens need to see is a serious, united political class determined to throw its weight behind gender justice, writes Namita Bhandare.

Finally, the glass is half full

Things are changing: Gender issues are now a part of the mainstream discourse, writes Namita Bhandare.

There's no closure for them

In the small room they call home, the family of the girl known as Delhi's Braveheart is trying to come to terms with its loss. Already there is no evidence that she lived here only a month ago. Namita Bhandare writes.
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