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Not a formula sport

No Formula 1 for India, it has decreed, so go rev up your engines elsewhere. Why pick on Formula 1, you might ask. Elementary, dear lover of elite sports, it is not purely sports, it is entertainment, says the ministry. Lalita Panicker writes.

Not even dry humour

Top leaders present at the Congress Working committee meeting last week were surprised by the comments of senior party leader Shivraj Patil on the prevailing drought situation in the country.

Once you’ve survived it, it’s not extreme anymore

In March, when I sailed back to Goa from Mauritius alone, I got my first taste of what the solo circumnavigation attempt would be like. Being by yourself is terrible at first and it takes about a week to break your bonds with land. Then you get used to life at sea and to being subject to the vagaries of the wind.

Compassion in the jungle

Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. Yet sometimes, there comes a moment when human instinct drives one to acts that are just, well, instinctive.

Flights of fancy

A writer-in-residence will now tell us about life at Heathrow. Will Indira Gandhi Airport follow suit?

Back in the summer of ’69

In the summer of 1969, the real world and the fantasy world took one of those magnificent, unreal leaps into the unimaginable and managed to concoct a scenario out of my fondest dreams into the ungiving material world, writes Arjun Mahey.

Gender bender

Hillary Clinton says this is the best time in history to be a woman. Well, she should know, being one of the most powerful women in the world.

Watered down

The Admiral Gorshkov is finally ours, I am so thrilled, this will put us up there with the best of them. Of course, it will, it will also cost us a bit more than we had thought, but aren’t you happy that with the nuke sub and so on we don’t have that sinking feeling any more?

Off the record

Since the PM was already on the move and there wasn’t any time to actually remove the posse of obstructing monkeys, the Special Protection Group lads decided to make an impromptu change in the approach to 7 Race Course Road.

Mask appeal

Why are you wearing that operation theatre mask? Are you a surgeon or Michael Jackson or a Japanese tourist? Mmdmms mmmmm grmm. What?! I can’t understand a word. Either loosen the mask or take it off!

Chinese doodle

What’s with these Chinese stocks? Just about the time the world is shrugging off a recession, why does the Shanghai stock exchange have to walk into a bear grip?

Kisanbhai, hold that pose!

Thankfully, the eyes-skyward farmer is not alone in the scriptful eyes of the media. There’s the skull-cap-wearing Indian Muslim praying at the local Jama Masjid. But that’s another story for the doughty Indian media cameraman, writes Mondy Thapar.

So hard to digest

Reader’s Digest was like wholesome chicken broth for the entire family, with sane advice for first-time mothers and tall tales of second chances. Preeti Singh writes.

Akhand Bharat, the sequel

The BJP can’t get over the Partition because it regards it as unfinished business, writes Pratik Kanjilal.

The joke’s on us

The Tintin Comics controversy shows that political correctness is taking all the fun out of life.
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