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What lies beneath the veil

Was the latest uprising in Iran partly fuelled by a clampdown on youth  fashion? Street wisdom from Tehran and Mashhad seems to suggest so, examines Haidar Naqvi.

The no-fear factor

Only 18 per cent of Pakistanis think of India as a major threat. There must be something we’re doing wrong.

Things Kiwis do for fun

It’s not for nothing that New Zealand is called the youngest country on earth — it’s in their attitude, it’s in the air, it’s everywhere. Who else would think of inventing something like the bungee? Or the zorb (New Zealand orb) — a ball that takes you down a hill just for fun? Only a New Zealander, writes Lina Choudhary Mahajan.

Well begun and very well done

The EC has pulled off a magnificent job. But we need to shorten the long election period.

Too may departments slowing work

Creation of the departments in the State Government has not always followed administrative logic. While there are 77 departments in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra manages with just 29 and Andhra Pradesh with 30.

Strawberry hills forever

Sohliya and Ritiang villages in Meghalaya aren’t just growing superlative strawberries, they are also trying to script a new kind of tourism — adventure-soaked stays in semi-forest farmhouses but sans frills, writes Rahul Karmakar.

Turkish dilemma

Nobel-prize winning author Orhan Pamuk epitomises the essential contradiction of his country, Turkey. The East claims as much space in his work as the West, writes Sumana Ramanan.

A bite of the Bullet

Not making mistakes is a Japanese obsession. Only one Shinkansen passenger has ever died — a door closed on him awkwardly, writes Pramit Pal Chaudhuri.

What a turn-off

What is this Earth Hour that everyone has been talking about?
You mean you did not observe it on Saturday?
Well, I just heard somebody talking about it.

Bridging the gap

Once the fief of rich western kids, taking a year off or ‘gapping’ is now increasingly the trend among youngsters who are ready to follow their heart. Ruchira Hoon meets Indian gappers who aren’t just skipping school and work to dance and travel, but are doing so with parental consent and by living on their wits...

Push the button

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi, the author of The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay has lots of reasons to say why voting is good for your health...

Booting the system?

India’s grand old pujari of liberalism talks to Indrajit Hazra about the vices of the BJP, the absurdities of the Emergency, and the continuing shame of 1984.

What's eating Goa?

Russians own the hotels; the Brits are dining on tandoori fish and butter chicken; Indians from the south and north throng the beaches. It’s hard to believe this is the same city-state where, as a child, I walked barefoot to the local brunch joint for some lazy late-morning bacon and eggs, writes Zara Murao.

Thai there!

The Thais are quite warm towards India. A week’s coverage in the Bangkok Post included not only the Jaipur Lit Festival but also sadhus bathing at the Sangam and a malkhambh display at a rural sports meet in Sagar, MP. Bollywood, especially its soundtracks, is big too, writes Abhilash Gaur.

Take a crack at our special quiz

In December 97, 25 year-old MIT graduate, Terri Duhon put together what she called the Broad Index Securitised Trust Offering (BISTRO).
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