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Pankaj Vohra

What’s the bee in Amar’s bonnet?

Though Amar Singh has hinted that he could join some other party, something which contradicts his “more time for family’’ explanation, he can thrive only in the Samajwadi Party, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Gadkari’s team bears Advani’s mark

There has been widespread criticism over why Atal Bihari vajpayee was named to the party’s highest body. Gadkari has apparently done this to convey to Advani that he was not the numero uno, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Sonia’s blueprint for party’s future

Sonia Gandhi has to look at the party’s interests beyond the present. She has to bring the government around to implementing its promises for the Congress to remain a potent force beyond 2014, writes Pankaj Vohra.

The BJP must get a grip on itself

The BJP continues to be directionless. The RSS that had intervened to get Nitin Gadkari appointed as the party president seems equally at sea, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Don’t criticise colleagues in public

While P. Chidambaram has got support from the Opposition on the Naxal policy, there are many within the Congress who feel that he needs to be less ‘rigid and arrogant,’ writes Pankaj Vohra.

Cut motion: a short-term victory

The cut motion may have saved the government but in the process may have shattered Rahul Gandhi’s dream of capturing UP. This impression has to be erased since this is one factor that could determine the future course of the Congress, writes Pankaj Vohra.

The Congress must grasp the nettle

Invoking the Congress president’s name, the government managed to get the [women’s reservation] Bill passed with the help of the Left parties and the BJP in the Rajya Sabha but ended up without some of its supporters, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Brand Vajpayee’s new face is Sushma

For the BJP, the choice will be between the Vajpayee brand of politics and the Modi school of thought. If the Modi line has to be followed, then the Gujarat CM will be the best choice. Otherwise, it will be Sushma, writes Pankaj Vohra.

Shadow on Sheila, blot on Congress

The Delhi CM may now have to use all the resources at her command to defend the actions of her government over the last several years, writes Pankaj Vohra.

The saffron party’s in a shade

The BJP refuses to learn any lessons from its mistakes. Its leaders are busy fighting each other and if the perception persists that it is not an alternative to the Congress-led UPA, they have only themselves to blame, writes Pankaj Vohra.

BJP needs all the allies it can get

The speculation about the future relationship between the BJP and its ally, the Janata Dal (United) continues to make news after Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar publicly snubbed the saffron brigade following the publication of his picture alongside that of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi. Pankaj Vohra writes.

It’s the name of the game

Mayawati has been critical of Rahul for what she terms his ‘cosmetic’ sympathy for the Dalits. It is a matter of time before she changes the name of Rae Bareli too, writes Pankaj Vohra.

It’s sink or swim for the UPA

The Bhopal gas tragedy debate is likely to focus more on how Warren Anderson was allowed to leave the country rather than on what happened to the $470 million deposited in the RBI in two separate accounts, writes Pankaj Vohra.

It’s time to wield the stick, Mr PM

Manmohan singh’s upright image had contributed to the return of the UPA in 2009. But His policies need to be synchronised with the interests of the common man. He has to ensure that his government performs and errant ministers and bureaucrats are taken to task. Pankaj Vohra writes.

Subtext of Arjun’s Bhopal text

Senior Congress leader Arjun Singh’s statement in the Rajya Sabha on the Bhopal gas tragedy provides ample evidence of why the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister is referred to as the old fox in political circles. Pankaj Vohra writes.
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