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Half stories, half truths about Kashmir

Sanjay Kak is a Kashmiri Pandit who has made an evocative documentary, Jashn-e-Azadi, which captures various forms of protests in the Valley and traces the deep sense of alienation of Muslims. The word azadi, in that film, acquires a meaning far deeper than just freedom or secession. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Enter Gavaskar and the IPL plot thickens further

The IPL, true to its progenitor’s boast, has outstripped and outlived the best of soap operas Indian audiences may have seen or heard. When cricketing action is not being shown live on TV, its assortment of protagonist’s  – bollywood heroes, business tycoons, marketing gurus and now the investigators – are in the limelight.

Featherbed wickets bowlers’ death knell

There is an intriguing advertisement that flashes across our TV screens almost regularly, where celebrities from different fields show their concern for the diminishing breed of tigers and in an admonishing tone tell us to save this animal. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Best ever? Yes, but numbers reveal a different story

Statistics hide more than they reveal, is a popular cliché used in cricket when someone wants to judge a player more on the strength of his skill than averages achieved. Pradeep Magazine writes. India at the Asian Games

India should have accepted Referral System in SA

There may be genuine misgivings about the technology used for the Umpires’ Decision Referral System, but it still baffles me why India should say no to its use in the Test series against South Africa. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Commercials more painful than Indian show

It is hard to be neither a pessimist nor an optimist and pretend to be an observer of unfolding events, without letting your emotions come into play. The theatre of dramatic events that sports is, and the multi-layered responses it evokes from its ensemble cast, lends the action in the middle a life of its own.

Laxman's batting is more about beauty than brute force

The craft at which he (VVS Laxman) excels, and that is his primary vocation, is of countering the speed and spin of a leather ball hurled at him by guiding it to various parts of a cricket field with no hint or trace of violence, writes Pradeep Magazine.

India proved that they deserve to be called the best

As I reflect on the India-South Africa Test series that enthralled all those who enjoy the subtle, nuanced skills for which the game of cricket is known, many doubts have been removed, though some questions still remain. Pradeep Magazine writes. Testing times in South Africa

In the long run-up

India should put its fast-bowling squad in order to retain its place as the world’s top cricket-playing nation. Pradeep Magazine writes. India's match winners

Lest we forget the ills of IPL

American philosopher George Santayana's oft quoted lines "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," come to mind after once again watching cricketers being auctioned like cattle. Pradeep Magazine writes. The questions need answering

Boredom, crystal gazing and benefit of hindsight

After getting mentally drained watching the stirring Test series, the one-day contest now on in South Africa, in comparison, appears almost pointless.

‘Dhoni needs to be captain hard, not cool’

HT kicks off its World Cup countdown with the only Indian captain who knows what it takes to claim the crown.

Gill’s removal leaves bad taste in the mouth

It is not a comforting thought to find a person, despite all his foibles, being blocked midstream from doing what a majority of us believed was the right course to pursue.

'Favourites' tag, a liability'

Virender Sehwag, the man who lets his bat do the talking, opens up on his views on the World Cups gone by and why he does not want India to be termed favourites in this edition. Pradeep Magazine reports.

Brand World Cup and unpleasant realities

The World Cup is at a touching distance and, understandably so, is increasingly becoming the only sports news of the day. Pradeep Magazine writes.
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