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Of fickle fans and burden of expectations

A world-view, induced by commercial interests, that treats human resource like a robotic instrument, would want us to believe that India is already a champion team and the World Cup is just a formality to be gone through to confirm that fact. Pradeep Magazine writes.

India's ambition backed by sound logic

Recollection of the past and reconstructing moments as they may have exactly happened can be a difficult task. An India-Bangladesh World Cup opener evokes nightmarish memories for an Indian fan, of a similar encounter four years ago, on the same grand stage, which produced a result that shattered the Indian dream even before it had acquired concrete shape.

Uncertainties apart, India & SL are teams to watch

Though the contenders have not been tested much, my initial impression is that it will be very hard for a team other than one from the sub-continent, to win the World Cup. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Sree story symptomatic of what ails India

The racy, pulsating and befittingly inconclusive India-England encounter would have done a World Cup final proud. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Day of the underdog & protest of the mighty

Kevin O'Brien's heroic knock and Ireland's steely resolve was a victory for the minnows against all those powerful adversaries who see them as an unnecessary adjunct of this World Cup, writes Pradeep Magazine.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown

Is Mahendra Singh Dhoni an obstinate egoist who refuses to budge even if it derails India's World Cup campaign? Pradeep Magazine writes.

Beware of the restless genius

As the whole of India worries, frets, fumes and offers billion words of advice and million rebukes to its team so that it can win the “Cup that matters”, there is one man who needs no goading, no prompting to do what he is best known for: scoring runs. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Ruthless pros, the new-look Pak

Mavericks, bohemians and flamboyant are the adjectives we associate with the Pakistani team. On Tuesday, in front of a Bangladesh crowd that rooted for them as if the two countries were never divided, the words which came to mind were of a different nature and connotation. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Spare a thought for Ponting

In a match where everyone was grasping for breath, given the closeness of the contest and the stakes involved, it is hard not to get swayed by emotions and lose perspective. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Kiwis on the Wright path

John Wright has added a thick layer to his frame, making him look heavier, older and a much more relaxed man than we in India knew him to be, writes Pradeep Magazine.

Beware of the lurking Islanders

It does seem almost certain now that the World Cup winner will be a team from the sub-continent. The only team which one believed could challenge them - South Africa - throttled themselves unexpectedly on Friday night against New Zealand. Pradeep Magazine writes.

Under-pressure players don’t need diplomatic burden

Once again demands are being made on cricket to resolve the deep-rooted prejudices of people divided by political and religious ideologies that have place only for hatred, writes Pradeep Magazine.

Pakistan tactics were bizarre

In the euphoria of an Indian victory over Pakistan, let us not forget to thank Pakistani fielders and the strange tactics by their batsmen and their captain when they were falling far behind the run-rate. Pradeep Magazine elaborates.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni creates history on his own terms

He was put under the scanner throughout the World Cup, with his unconventional, unorthodox methods getting a fair amount of criticism, some very unfair, some may be justified, writes Pradeep Magazine.

In T20 age, 2011 World Cup broke all records

Not a great fan of this most abbreviated version of the game, I would till last year still watch a game or two, but am finding it too difficult now to assume the role of a sadist and relish batsmen butchering bowlers. Pradeep Magazine writes.
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