HindustanTimes Sun,20 Apr 2014

Sagarika Ghose

The Elf of Self-Respect

I meet the Elf of Self-Respect every time I travel on the election trail. I call him the elf because he or she is an unknown quantity, the unknown voter, and the quiet creature whose voice the helicopter-borne netas hardly hear, Sagarika Ghose writes.

Modi's silence on foot soldiers who act in his name is disturbing

Why don’t political leaderships speak out against goons? Why doesn’t Modi distance himself from the bhakts on social media who try to prove they are More Loyal than the King by abusing in his name? Sagarika Ghose writes. |

Political parties must shed politics of puritanism and become reformists

Puritanical zealotry doesn’t stand the test of time. AAP is not the only party to practise the politics of puritanism. Until a change of heart recently, Rahul Gandhi’s stand on the rural-urban divide was highly puritanical, writes Sagarika Ghose.

It's time secularism is shaken free of its Modi-obsessed stupor

If secularism is unable to find a new identity, then Modi will be proved right when he says secularism Congress-style, is simply opportunism, taking the easy way out such as setting up a minorities ministry.

AAP's success in Delhi has shown the way for other cities

A cross-class coalition of rich and poor in Delhi opted for the jharooto sweep away apathy and cynicism and draw out the spirit of citizens' action. In the process, they have shown that clean urban politics is possible. Sagarika Ghose writes.

Politicians cannot silence the power of word of mouth

Politicians should realise that restrictions on the flow of information will only open the floodgates of underground speculation. Sagarika Ghose writes

What lies beneath

The battle for freedom and progress needs to go beyond flinging underwear at maniacs, writes Sagarika Ghose.

The kingmaker’s gambit

Naveen Patnaik’s decision to dump the BJP shows that he has mastered the rules of the game, writes Sagarika Ghose.

Sanitised insanity

The poll panel by trying to over-regulate has, unintentionally, boosted corruption. Sagarika Ghose elaborates. 

Don’t take us for granted

One man is slated for a big victory this time. A Chief Minister who makes no flamboyant gestures but who has listened carefully to the quiet voice outside his chief ministerial window: give my children their self-respect, writes Sagarika Ghose.

The job has just begun

Indeed just as the UPA has created a stunning new social charter for India, it now needs to create a democratic charter as well. This means reducing, not enhancing, the role of families, avoiding tokenism and encouraging merit at all levels of government, writes Sagarika Ghose.

Inclusiveness, inch by inch

A confrontation is brewing between those making personal sexual and moral choices and those upholding traditional values, writes Sagarika Ghose.

In August company

This Independence Day, let’s make pledges based on the most fundamental principle of our Constitution: the principle of equality. Sagarika Ghose examines...

Learning difficulties

Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal’s education reforms, particularly for schools, have electrified students, teachers and parents, writes Sagarika Ghose.

Hungry for the rich

Till elitism plagues our democracy, ‘inclusive growth’ will remain an administrative formula that will breed newer extreme forms of discontent, writes Sagarika Ghose.
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