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Sanchita Sharma

Do you know even handshakes are injurious to health?

In findings that will undoubtedly make conservatives leap with joy — if conservatives do leap at all — scientists have found that traditional bowing as a greeting is far healthier than shaking hands, high-fiving or fist bumping.

Ebola virus goes rogue, but pandemic unlikely

Diseases jumping species to maim and kill have obvious sci-fi parallels, but few of us realise that many of the world’s most deadly infections come from animals.

How safe is your favourite painkiller?

A slew of recent studies are showing that paracetamol, the world’s favourite painkiller, is not as wonderful and safe as it was thought to be. Concerned with the findings, pain experts have begun reconsidering their universal endorsement of this wonder-pill as the first drug of choice for all painful afflictions.

Shutting up sexism: Here's what India should do

Online behaviour is toxic and violent against women and LGBT community, but popular culture can be used to sensitise people to at least start a discussion without prejudice, writes Sanchita Sharma.

Donuts, the brand new antidote to jet lag

A sugar rush could be all you need to beat jet lag. Now here’s scientific evidence that donuts and other insulin-spiking foods have some use other than making you overweight and at risk of diabetes.

Bored to death? Tips on surviving ennui

Boredom is something we all know. It’s that horrible state of mind that makes you listless or act incredibly stupid. And you still don’t stop being dreary or doing stupid things you know you’ll regret simply because you can do it and can’t think of anything better to do.

More than just a cough? It could be tuberculosis

A cough that persists for more than two weeks could be tuberculosis, a debilitating infection that creeps up on you when your immunity is at its weakest, writes Sanchita Sharma.

Bored to death? Tips on surviving ennui

Boredom is among the least studied epidemics inflicting the world, with brain doctors still being largely clueless about how tedium affects people’s lives. As with other health condition, some people are prone to boredom than others.

Put sex back in sex education, Mr Minister

'Media got it wrong again. I am against 'so called' sex education not sex education per se. Crudity, vulgarity out, values in. My fb has more.' When Union health minister tweeted this, he pretty much botched his sterling scientific credentials for good. Poll: Does India need sex education in schools?

Football fitness, the newest health fad

At a time when many millions are losing sleep either watching the World Cup or worrying about not watching it, two new studies this week have shown that playing recreational football lowers weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels across age and gender.

Are you overreacting without meaning to?

Whether it is allergic rhinitis (runny, sniffly nose), asthma, food allergy or atopic dermatitis (skin rash), allergies run in families and few people understand it better than me. My mum and her mum before her had allergies, so I grew up over-reacting to invisible and often mysterious allergy triggers.

Fighting the conspiracy to make you fat

Almost everything, from how many labour-saving gadgets you own to how fast you eat and how overweight your ancestors were, controls how quickly you add to that dreaded number on your weighing scale.

Pope begins Mideast trip with appeal to end Syrian crisis

'Viva papa Francesco' screamed banners as Pope Francis arrived in Jordan on Saturday to begin his first visit to the Holy Lands of Jordan, Israel and the West Bank.

Looking back at anger without regret

Vicious politicians, corrupt administrators, spluttering television anchors... Everyone’s been spewing venom and acting out to grab air and mind space. The result: frayed nerves and rising tempers in a politically charged atmosphere, writes Sanchita Sharma.

Are you fit enough to offset health risks?

Too much of a good thing hurts all of us in insidious ways. And if you’re a slave to more than one good thing— where a “good thing” is defined as an activity that make you happy, such as smoking, drinking, eating, sleeping, sex, texting, or just vegetating in front of the television — then it’s bound to hurt you sooner than later.

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